Prep, Prep, Prep; and Still so Much to Do

With just about a month to go I still have so much to do!

You would never know I have dreaming of this hike for the last three years. Prepping in some form or another. Buying gear here and there. Testing out backpacker meals. (I am a picky eater.) Trying to find that balance between comfort and light weight. And just when I thought I had it all figured out, I had a sudden change of heart in my shelter system.

I saw somebody set up a hammock in the rain and stay almost completely dry while doing it. In the meantime, I’m setting up a tent, getting rained on, and rain in my tent. I was jealous to say the least.  So I did what anyone would do. I bought a hammock. I took it out for a test run and, well, it was the worst night sleep I ever had. The asymmetrical design looked cool, but wasn’t designed for someone six feet tall. My hiking partner, Candis, was laughing at me as I cursed myself to sleep while she slept nice and comfy in her tent.

Well, not one to be persuaded by one bad experience, I bought another, bigger hammock and after some persuasion of the salesperson, I was able to test it right in the store. And now, I am a hammock convert.

But I will still have my tent as a backup and it can be shipped to me at some spot on the trail if need be. That reminds me. I have to plan some mail drops. Ugh, more prep.

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  • Mark Lindenberg : Feb 4th

    Hi Chad, I am hiker trash. I also am a sufferer of Cluster Headaches. I know it’s different from migraines, but I take imitrex also. One thing I’m experimenting with now is the Keto diet to help with the Headaches. I know it’s tough to eat right on the trail but it might help.
    I am 49 and trying to figure out how I can do the A.T. some day. Oh yes! There is a will and it will get done! Good luck this year!

    • Chad Sanborn : Feb 4th

      Thanks for the reply. Technically I suffer from Cluster Headaches as well. I went with the more generic term migraine as I think more people understand it better. The pain around my right eye during an attack is unbearable. Where do you experience pain? I’m 46 so I know you can do it at 49. I’m sure you like me, have tried almost everything people suggest to get rid of headaches. I will have to look into the Keto diet now. I may not be able to keep it up on the trail, but I will when I get done. keep me posted on how it goes with you.


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