Pretty Sure I’m on a Rollercoaster

The sun drying my gear


Why do I Keep Going

I’m pretty sure I’m on the most addicting ride of my life.  I can choose to get off the ride at any moment but why would I?  Well,  maybe because I have been in pain for 30 days.  If it hasn’t been  my toes, then it’s been my knees, and if it hasn’t been  my knees then it’s been my shoulders, and the list goes on.

Maybe I would choose to leave  because I’ve been blown around like a wet noodle.  Or pelted with sleet while crossing mountain ridges,  or saturated like a sponge from torrential rain storms.  I mean seriously, what makes me stay out here?  Maybe I’m just nuts, maybe I’m in some sort of adult crisis’.

My best conclusion to date is that I am spending every day in Gods peace.  I am in awe with how much beauty He not only made, but now has allowed me to experience.  This is why I stay, because everyday He shows up.  Such as providing    sun to dry my clothes and thaw my fingers.  Or sheltering  me in the tornado storms.  Sometimes  He will put someone either before me or behind me when I need to hear a, “Hello.”  These are not breathtaking miracles, I believe it’s little gifts at the right time.    Therefore, with this as my current conclusion,  I will keep hiking.

The last 100 Miles

Davenport gap was a day of mixed emotions for me.  My husband, drove from Northern Maine to visit for my zero day.  I must say this was the best trail angel.  I was  able to visit, drink morning coffee together, rest and refuel.  Oh and might I add,  he had a car so I didn’t have to hitch hike to get my food.  What a great day it was!

The best trail angel

I do have to admit it was very hard to get back on trail.  As I was dropped at the bottom of the trail, I had to say my goodbye and keep hiking.  Only with Gods strength could I do this, I really just wanted to throw my pack in and head for our home in Maine.  But I put my “ Big girl” pants on, adjusted my house on my back and trudged on.

Hogback Ridge

I look at the mountains as  yo-yos.  I find them to go along smoothly and then “Bam” something hits ya like a ton of brinks. Similar to when I would get my yo-yo in a big ole tangled mess.   For me,  sometimes it’s missing family or friends, or the familiar feeling of home.  Sometimes it’s a situation, such as a storm, or running low on food too soon, which was my case at Hogback Ridge.

It was mile 317 and I still had approximately 30 miles to get to a refuel place.  I had looked at my food and decided how I could skimp a little to make things work.  A half hour later a gentleman showed  up with a backpack full of “Trail angel” blessings.

I was offered hot fried chicken, celery topped with ranch dressing.  Again, Gods divine timing never ceases to amaze me.  Some may call it luck, but I already know,  I am not and never have been a lucky person.  With that I will say, thank you Jesus.

The Terrain

The flowers are slowly starting to blossom and the wilderness has a fragrance that is starting to come alive.  I have been amazed by the green leafed rhododendrons that go for miles and miles.  I will probably miss the blossoms but I find them beautiful just the way they are.

The pine needles on the ground are amazing too.  They provide a cushion for each step and an aroma that reminds me of Maine.

Mud, mud, I love mud

The mud is never ending too.  As I was getting frustrated because everything I owned was either wet or muddy, I decided to change my attitude.  I decided that I would love the mud as I did when I was a child.  Therefore, the mud and I became friends.

As I continue to rest on this zero day,  I will be continuously grateful for the kindness that this journey has given me so far.  I am also so thankful for my family and friends that are praying for me daily. Thank you, thank you!


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Comments 3

  • pearwood : Apr 8th

    Go for it, Tracy!
    Yes, God takes care of hikers and other idiots. Here’s mine.
    Blessings on your way,
    Steve / pearwood

  • James H Evans : Apr 9th

    Laughing Loon, glad you’re taking it step by step on the AT. It was good to meet you when you stopped by BENCHMARK Adventure Ministries’ monster canopy at Gooch Gap. Maybe I’ll see you when I come to hike with my thru-hiker daughter next week.

  • Patrick Roche : Apr 9th

    Hi Traci – God bless. Saying prayers for your journey. I lived in Brunswick for 26 years before moving to Connecticut. Coached softball and soccer at Brunswick High School. What sport did you coach?


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