Questions from the office

Is this like that Reese Witherspoon movie?
umm…. kinda? but not really. Continue reading the Q & A’s to get  a better idea of what we are doing.

Klutz magee?
You can follow me on my instagram @klutzmagee. Not too much of a backstory to that except… plan and simple, I’m a klutz! I trip over nothing, walk right into walls/doors/windows, knock things over… you get the idea.

How long is your journey?
The trail is approximately 2,189 miles and we have budgeted 6 months to complete.

What, where and how will you eat?
This is the most common question I get, and I’m going to dedicate a whole post to it. Read it here!

Where will you sleep each night?
Every 8-15 ish miles the AT has a shelter either right on the trail, or very close to the trail. We will have the option of staying in a shelter, sleeping in our tent or every so often we will stay at a hostel, hotel, or something similar when we are in a town.


Shelter near The Priest

msr tent

“The Hubba Hubba 3.0”

Will you be taking any breaks or is it a straight hike through?
This is going to be an attempt to hike straight thru. We do have a short break planned in October to get off the trail and go to Wisconsin for my youngest brother’s wedding.


Have you ever done anything like this before?
Heck no! However, we do have one week long trip and many extended weekend trips under our belt.

me 2012

gordon whater



How will you navigate through the trail?
Thankfully the AT is very well marked. With the guidance of white blazes, signs, and maps, we should be ok!

Are you going alone?
Not many people truly hike the AT alone. There are so many people that attempt a thru-hike each year, you are bound to make friends and create your own “tramily” (trail family) along the way. But to answer what you really want to know… no, I will not set off solo. My boyfriend Gordon will be by my side for this adventure.

The last few moments of our first AT section hike, checking out the Tye River

The last few moments of our first AT section hike, checking out the Tye River

How long will you be off of work?
I was able to get a LOA approved for just shy of 6 months. With that being said, I will be off work until I’m finished hiking! No matter how long it takes 😉


Are you hiking or hiking/biking?
The Appalachian Trail is a foot only trail, so just hiking. If I can finish the whole AT I’d love my next adventure to be a long distance bike excursion!

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