Rain, Pain, Snow, and Trail Magic


We are sitting in a Holiday Inn Express <Hi Kristi> in Hiawassee GA; doing a nero <low mileage day> to resupply and let some bad weather pass.


  • Survived walking over Blood Mountain in a snow storm. Pat was tempted to just chisel his tombstone on the top and call it done. Upon reflection it was observed that all the YouTube videos we viewed just showed the south side of Blood Mountain. After accomplishing this and asking Caddyshack why he didn’t warn us he said, “Because you would have been tempted to not try.” Thanks Caddyshack for everything you did for us. Happy Trails on the PCT. Perhaps that explains the lack of videos.
  • Did not hang up the shoes at Neel Gap. It is rumored that 25 percent of North Bound hikers have surrendered by this point. We are proud to as the crew of the Intrepid would say ‘Never Give Up. Never Surrender”.
  • Lost and Found Hiker Poles. Thanks Sam for reuniting us with our ‘must haves’
  • Survived our first tenting rainstorm.
  • Made it down to Unicoi Gap from the top of Blue Mountain.  We were meet by a trail angle who ascended the mountain as he noticed that we were moving so slow he thought one of us was injured.
  • Passed over Kelly Knob. As another hiker lamented. “Kelly Knob you are a knob.” Since Cooper Adam is being read this at bed time. we will spare the actual words Hiking Dancer used to describe the torturous assent/descent.
  • We both now have trail names.  Paula is YOLO, Pat is Santa <Shocker>
  • We are slowly but slowly building our mileage.  We took a zero day as  Yolo had a strained neck from a combination of a very heavy pack and staring down for 8 hours took its toll. We now confidently put in seven mile days.


Here are some random photos of the journey since we last posted.


Poops and Popsicles


  • Running out of food a day short.
  • Inflation, are you kidding me!!
  • Wet Sleeping Bag.
  • Aiming number twos at a four inch by six inch hole in the ground.  This should be made an Olympic Sport.


  • Trail Magic, Trail Magic, and more Trail Magic. From a couple Tootsie Rolls to upgrades from a hostel bunk to a private room. We have experienced the best in people.
  • Forgetting about the war in Ukraine.
  • Trying to figure out what day it is. <Like it matters>
  • The cats have taken as much as a shine to Anna O as she has to them.
  • Paula celebrating 5 years sobriety.


Every day we continue to be surprised <mostly pleasantly> by the tasks we are achieving. This could not be done without the kind and encouraging words and videos <thanks Nora that is some backpack you have, how much does it weigh?> sent our way.

Until next time, Yolo and Santa out.



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Comments 11

  • Kelli : Apr 16th

    Congrats on 5 years sober.
    That is awesome!!!

    • Mike Linkenhoker : Apr 17th

      From all your neighbors in Paradise we miss you ? Happy trails chasing your dreams

      • Pat & Paula : Apr 24th

        We miss you guys as well. We are having the time of our lives!

    • Pat & Paula : Apr 24th

      Thank you!!!!

  • Suzie (Clyde’s daughter #17) : Apr 18th

    Y’all are rocking’ the trail! I was getting worried when I haven’t seen a post thru all that rough weather hitting the trail. Pictures are amazing! Hike on…

    • Pat & Paula : Apr 24th

      We were a little worried as well. We experience all four seasons in an afternoon.
      Thanks for following along. Hope all is well with you.

  • Barb K : Apr 18th

    Congratulations on all your popsicles! Awesome. How did you misplace your hiking poles, Yolo? Glad to see you’re both still smiling! Did someone say the “S” word, as in sna-sna-snow?

    • Pat & Paula : Apr 24th

      Previously, Yolo had moved the poles to be out of the way of other hikers. When we left, we didn’t see them so they were out of sight and out of mind. That is until we needed them.
      Yep, there was snow. Just enough to make it pretty.
      If we understand right, you guys are headed back north for the summer. If so safe journeys and we will see you when you get back.

  • Peg Moran : Apr 19th

    Thanks for the update. We were getting concerned with the weather and not getting any news. You all looking good and keep on hiking. Congrats Paula on your 5 years. Getting ready to head North and will wave when we fly over the trail. LOL

  • Tish and Avery : Apr 19th

    First and foremost, congrats to YOLO for your 5 years ! That is impressive ! If you can do that, you can do anything. Your adventure looks great, poops and all. I am convinced that this will be an epic adventure. Have fun ! We love you both. Trek on !

    • Pat & Paula : Apr 24th

      Thanks and Ditto!


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