Raven’s Foot for Good Luck

Rock Gap to the Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC): I realized I left my tent poles at Betty Creek Gap a few days ago. In the midst of packing up in the pouring rain/dark I must have forgot them. I had a feeling it would all work out; for the meantime I would just hop from shelter to shelter—confident that people would let me squeeze in if needed be.

First thing in the morning, Spidy made us a big homemade breakfast—eggs, bacon, biscuits with gravy and much more! He dropped me back off at Rock Gap and I got some trail magic there, too! I had never been so full during a thru-hike—so blessed for all the food!

First day out, I was told it was going to be 45°F and sunny. I was trekking up a hill when specks started falling from the sky and I thought to myself, This must be the magical tree dust that Pink told me about!He said trees dropped some sort of magical dust that healed and cleansed our bodies/minds of things we didn’t even know we held or existed. I noticed the specks had a faint white color, felt cold upon touching my skin and eventually turned wet. I was trying so hard to understand how it could be. It took me about five minutes before I realized it was snow.

There were signs posted on the trees that pointed to some trail magic down the hill. Trail angel, Screwball, was handing out food for hikers with some of his family and friends! They were already packing up their things by the time I got there, but still gave me all sorts of goodies. They saw I was shaking from the cold so gave me a hot coffee pot to place my hands around and put a heater beside me to provide some extra warmth. They asked if I wanted a ride into town and I said, “Yes!”

Him and his wife drove me to Franklin and bought me lunch at an all you can eat Chinese buffet! They had doughy bread balls covered in sugar and endless trays of grilled chicken with various sauces! I ate so many plates of food and thanked the couple for their generosity.

I observed how well paired they appeared to be and asked one of my favorite hopeless romantic questions: Did you guys know you were the one for each other when you first met? They both looked at one another, blushed lightly and smiled, “Yes.”

Alone on my trek again, I dwelled on thoughts of sex. Sometimes, I seemed to be really convinced that if I got dick all of the time, and by people I was actually attracted to, then I would be satisfied. A trap made up by the thoughts in my mind that I took to be as true/meaningful.

I felt as if I was offered so much beauty in this apparent life, especially through the gift of nature, but then I would start to get really sad as if something was missing. I knew at a soul level that I was only upset because I believed that something was missing. The feeling sense in my apparent body would make it seem even more true, however even the feeling itself was an illusion.

So, I continued to observe… for that was the only thing I could ever really do/be was awareness of Self. That sense of sadness that came over me was just like the waves in the ocean—rising and falling. I brought my attention back to the present moment and to my immediate surroundings—the view of the towering trees and the chill of the wind against my cheeks. The energy from the aina moved through my body and it was enough. It was enough to remember that no matter how solitary I appeared to be, that it was impossible for me to be lonely. The whole world came out of me. Love encompassed me and everything was alive. The dirt, the bark, the leaves that shuttered in the wind—all alive with Spirit, kissing me through vibration and patterns.

Second day out on trail, there were a lot of blowdowns—brought me back to the CDT. Icicles had formed on the mossed covered rocks, frosted leaves were scattered throughout the trees. Another cold spout was on its way.

Early afternoon, I made it down to the Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC). I ran into Rizz and we talked for a bit. He tried hitching up to town, so I watched through the NOC window at his attempts to catch a ride. He saw me laughing so he flashed his nipple at me. I blew him a kiss.

Pink and Mystical showed up so we went to get lunch at River’s End Restaurant. Shortly after, Checkmate walked in unexpectedly and we all hollered in happy surprise which caused a scene. We were so happy to reunite with our recently dispersed tramily.

At the table, Mystical and I connected over our love for cock. At one point he said he would be getting a free cabin at Hot Springs because some guy wanted to buy him a room for the night. He joked, “I’m probably going to have to fuck him but whatever.” I replied with, “Dude. I need to get fucked.” The whole room went silent the moment I said that which caused Mystical and I to burst out in laughter.

Voodoo came in, saw Pink sitting at our table and enthusiastically made his way over to give him a big hug. I had met Voodoo a couple of days into the trail. He had braided cornrows when I first met him, but now had them taken out to reveal his long blonde hair. He appeared as a different person this time around. His energy wild, sporadic, intense—normally something I wasn’t into… but I wanted him. I watched the way he talked, the way he gestured his body and I couldn’t help but flirt with the idea of what he would taste like on my lips.

After lunch, we walked across the street because Voodoo had seen a dead raven on the side of the road. He heard it was a good luck charm to carry a raven’s foot, so he decided to chop it off with a small knife blade. He chopped the other foot off for Pink to carry on the trail. All the while I was thinking, Why am I so attracted to this fucker? We walked back to the room so they could dry out the foot with borax. We teased Voodoo and said it was actually a crow not a raven, therefore it carried no luck.

In the bunk room, we had poetry hour—for those who were inspired to share their writing. Checkmate and I had an energetic flirtation that was building. He sat on my bunk and we nuzzled closer and closer to each other. Our legs brushed up against one another’s… a smile expressed, a touch on the arm given, a look in the eye revealed.

Checkmate left the room for a couple of seconds, then Voodoo stood up and leaned his forearms against the stair rails in front of my bunk. A reflection of light and shadow positioned on his face. He smiled at me and I smiled back. The way he looked at me with those sinister eyes could make me cum alone. I raised my eyebrows in sexual curiosity and perked up, “You’re cute!” In a low tone, he responded, “I appreciate it.” He turned around and walked out the door as Checkmate walked back in and sat beside me.

He invited me on a walk to the river. We made a pit stop to the tennis court to play some basketball. I felt giddy and whispered a “thank you” to the stars for aligning our paths together. It felt so good to be in the space of an attractive male figure as I pondered what could happen between us.

I dribbled a deflated soccer ball and said, “I haven’t played basketball since middle school” and threw it into the hoop first try. His jaw dropped in disbelief and he said, “I don’t even want to try because now I’m not going to make it in.” He threw it, missed by a mile and yelled, “FUCK THIS! I don’t even want to play anymore.” I laughed out loud, grabbed him by his bicep and had him walk me towards the river.

We sat at the picnic table as we watched the waves and currents. I looked into his eyes, and reading me like a book, he leaned in slowly to kiss me. Deeply and passionately, he intuitively guided my tongue to dance with his. Our lips wet with each other’s spit, I let out a few gentle moans. He grabbed the meat of my outer thighs and bit my neck as though I was his animal. (Full content will be in my book; most of it was removed for respect of the site)

We were all smiles and giggles after our playtime together. He said, “I’ve been wanting to do this for two weeks.” As I put my clothes back on, I smiled, “Me, too.” We walked back together all close and cuddly. The bunk room was full of people who were going to cram in with us to avoid the bitter cold for the night. 

We hung out in the community kitchen with several other hikers. I painted Pink’s fingernails with some pale pink nail polish that KT got from the dollar store.

Before going to bed, Pink whipped out his green laser. Checkmate and I looked at one another and said, “I’m so happy right now.” We cuddled together and as I laid there watching Pink give his light show, I felt so grateful to be with my community and tramily. Most of us had been hiking alone for over a week and we all joked, “Yeah, let’s not do that again. Let’s go into the Smokies together.” We knew that the upcoming weather was going to be cold and rainy, even more so at higher elevation, so we all agreed it would be better to have company.

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