Ready to Embrace The Suck

Hello world! Well, “small community of equally crazy people who think living in the woods for 6 months sounds like a solid life decision.” I answer to Katie, or KT, or Penny (when the whisky kicks in). If you’re reading this then I have officially put in my notice to leave a great job, my dream city, and all of my friends.

“What kind of cold-hearted fool would do that?” you ask.  

*Slowly raises hand*

To be honest, it feels like the right time (deep answer, I know), but I think more importantly it feels wrong not to go. I need an adventure like the AT to come out a better person on the other end. Smelly, but better. I think I owe that to myself and the people in my life – the being a better person part, not smelling bad.

I’ve been skydiving, lit on fire (on purpose & on accident), and I’m typically doing something that makes my mom super nervous – so hiking the AT is right on par. Speaking of, I haven’t told my mom yet. It’s probably cool if I just show up at her house right before my start date wearing my backpack and smile, right?

I’m going to try and laugh my way through freezing nights, endless rain, aches, pains, and pooping in the woods. Because if you really think about it, pooping in the woods is pretty funny. So, like an idiot, I’ll be starting my NOBO in 2017 where I’ll be walking alone to get eaten by mosquitos, probably cry while talking to squirrels, and smell similar to a fresh sewer – but hopefully see some amazing things along the way! This is going to suck.


Next step: I have to break the news to my cats that I’ll be driving them across the country from Texas in a loud car where they’ll have to poop in a small box that I sneak into cheap motels. I’m sure they won’t mind. Well, maybe I just won’t tell them.

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  • Jeff : Sep 13th

    When in 2017 are you starting your NOBO KT!? I’ll be starting at Aminocola State Park he approach trail, already be walking 2,189miles what’s another 8.8. March 13th is when I’m starting Good luck maybe we’re run into eachother.

    • KT Saunders : Sep 13th

      Hey Jeff! I’m planning on starting Feb. 25. I’m sure the weather will decide my pace so maybe we’ll run into each other down the road.

  • Bob : Sep 14th

    I’ll have to keep an eye on you and your start. I’m hoping for an ’18 NOBO thru. I want to start as early as possible. Two weeks stuck in a hostel with a twisted knee instead of hiking 2100 miles just to find out Baxter is closed. That would cause a serious postal situation. I dunno what they have but I’m climbing that damn fence, moat, fortress if it happens.

    I’ll have the gf in tow and she doesn’t do cold well. I bought her a 0° bag so this winter and next it’s going to see some serious usage!! Frozen snot rockets are the best.

    • KT Saunders : Sep 21st

      I’m with you, Bob! Nothing is keeping me out of that park. I’ll bring a grappling hook.

      I also want to avoid the bubble that starts in March. We’ll see how this goes, but I have a feeling there are some cold nights in my future. Yay frozen snot!

  • Ray Tarpley : Feb 22nd

    KT, I feel like I know you — I work with your sister. Looking forward to reading about your trek. Best of luck. Ray

  • Jim McNelis : Feb 28th

    just stopped by to say your bio is amazing. cracked me up.


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