The Reason I’m Taking “Only” Out Of My Vocabulary

You may or may not know that I’m only hiking half of the AT.

Let me start over.

You may or may not know that I am hiking half of the AT.

I noticed awhile back that I was being so negative to myself about doing half of the AT.  I’m not gonna lie.  When I realized I would have to split up my thru-hike into two summers due to school, everything in me wanted to give up.  Every competitive bone in my body wanted to throw in that sweaty, raggedy towel because to me, only doing half this year isn’t good enough.  Only walking to Pennsylvania isn’t far enough.  It doesn’t compare to those who accomplished it all – the ones who made the whole give-or-take 2,200 mile trek.

I’m taking “only” out of my vocabulary.

Taken by: Brandon Arant

After I caught myself throwing these thoughts around in my head… I stopped and realized what I fool I was.  Half of the trail or all of the trail; getting out there is the biggest accomplishment.  Putting your all into something that means so much to you… is all that matters.  The only difference between Georgia to Pennsylvania and Georgia to Maine is 1,100ish miles.  It’s just a number – the mental game, the physical game, the emotional game – it’s all the same.  And it takes a darn tough person to get out there.

So here I am reminding myself that even though I am  doing half of the trail, I’m not doing half the battle.  Everyone’s lives are different and you have to work with what God has given to you, what has been put in your path.  Be happy with what you’re handed and dominate every wonky step.



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Comments 4

  • Pony : Jan 14th

    Right on — enjoy your hike!

    • Sarah Legg : Jan 14th

      Thank you!!

  • Nanook : Jan 15th

    Hey Sarah,
    I’ve removed many words from my hiking lexicon since deciding to SOBO threw hike the AT, starting in July.
    Words like Maybe, Can’t, Impossible, Difficult and the big one, QUIT, never roll off my tongue any longer.
    Hope to see you on the trail this year and remember Hike Your Own Hike!
    Be safe!

  • Stacia Bennett : Mar 1st

    The really cool thing about doing half the trail? You get to come back and do the other half next year! I beat myself up for a long time after failing to complete my first (and then my second) thru hike attempts. I had “only” done 750 miles. Then I had “only” done 1300. However, the thing I realized about not finishing the trail is that you get continue to aspire to and work toward that goal. Year after year I get to go back to the trail, knock out a few more miles, make incredible new friends and memories, and its still new.

    You will also get to avoid the March crowds and terrible weather in Georgia, and next year you’ll get to experience the northern states during the warmth and sunshine of the summer months instead of in snow and ice. I think your plan sounds fantastic!


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