Appalachian Trail Resupply Points

This article was originally posted on February 21, 2017. It was last updated on January 25, 2022 by Diane Duffard.

One of the most confusing topics for new Appalachian Trail thru-hikers attempting to coordinate their adventure is how to figure out the right amount of food to last between resupplies. An unfortunate effect is that many hikers start out carrying way too much food weight. This can evolve from a minor to a major problem, and too frequently causes injury early on a hike, because not only are their legs not ready for endurance walking up and down strenuous mountains, but they’re also ill-prepared to manage the weight of an extra 30-40 pounds.

Pre-hike tip #1: Buy AWOL’s guide. Plan to start at a 10-mile-per-day pace the first week of your hike until you learn your limits as a hiker.

Pre-hike tip #2: As you start your northbound journey, if starting at Amicalola, plan for four days of food. For each day, plan a breakfast, a second breakfast, lunch, two afternoon snacks, and a substantial dinner including protein. Add some comfort chocolate or other goodies if you prefer. If your food bag weighs more than ten pounds leaving north from Springer or Amicalola, you’re carrying more food than you will need to get to your first easy resupply point.

Resupply Points on the Appalachian Trail

Listed below are some of the best resupply points along the Appalachian Trail. With a few exceptions, AT hikers will rarely go more than 50 miles without a resupply option. These are some of the best options, not the only options. For a fully comprehensive list of all options in every town, check out the app FarOut or AWOL’s guide. Mile markers correspond with those in AWOL’s guide.

Mile 31 Mountain Crossings: A full-service outfitter with full resupply, the trail will run you right into the front door of this first stop along the trail. As mentioned above, you don’t need more than four days of food to get you here.

Mile 52 OR 69 – Hiawassee, GA: Multiple shuttles are available into town. Home to Trailful, a full service outfitter and resupply shop. Free shuttles upon request are included if you stay at Hostel Around the Bend, 706-389-9668. They also carry outdoor gear and some food. Town has a full grocery store (Ingles) and Dollar General.

Mile 109 – Franklin, NC: At Winding Stair Gap, US 64, hitch a ride into Franklin. Check out Outdoor 76 outfitter for gear, resupply, and a 10 percent hiker discount. While in town, visit the Lazy Hiker Brewing Company and Rock House Lodge (attached to the Outdoor 76 outfitter) to celebrate exiting your first state! You can also resupply at Ingles or Dollar General in town.

Mile 137 Nantahala Outdoor Center: No hitch required! NOC Outfitters is on-site with gear and food resupply. NOC Base Camp and Cabins has bunk-style rooms and a shared kitchen.

Mile 164 Fontana General Store: Located two miles west of the AT from the point you cross Hwy 28. The trail takes you right to the visitor’s center, which offers snacks, but I wouldn’t call it a full resupply. Due to the limited (and expensive) grocery selection in this town, many hikers choose to send resupply boxes to the post office here. This is your last chance to print your Smokies permit and to resupply before entering the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Mile 208 – Newfound Gap, Gatlinburg: A shuttle or hitch is definitely required to make it 15 miles from here into Gatlinburg, but if you’ve never experienced the city, it’s worth the trip! Resupply options, honestly, aren’t as great as you’d expect in a town with so much to offer, but there’s enough to be found at pharmacies and the tiny grocers on the strip to make it another few days on trail. The free Gatlinburg Trolley can take you to a Food City at the north end of town. Unique experiences, a plethora of food, and Smoky Mountain Brewery are a few notable mentions in town. From Newfound Gap, you can also hitch to Cherokee instead for better grocery options.

Mile 242 –Standing Bear Farm Hostel (423-487-0014), off of Green Corner Road: Though certainly not a Walmart, this hostel offers adequate resupply options as you exit the Smokies.

Mile 275 – Hot Springs, NC: The white blazes lead you right through this awesome trail town! There are several hostel options, including Elmers Sunnybank Inn and Hostel 828-622-7206) and Laughing Heart Hostel (828-206-8487), and several resupply spots in town including Bluff Mountain Outfitters (828-622-7162) and Dollar General.

Mile 344 – Erwin, TN, The trail leads you right to Uncle Johnny’s doorstep. He runs a popular hostel complete with outfitter and resupply. When you stay, he also shuttles you into town for free (423-735-0548). There are also a number of grocery stores and dollar stores in Erwin proper.

Mile 369 – Greasy Creek Friendly Hostel (828-688-9948) – Small resupply offered at this off-trail hostel.

Mile 395 – Mountain Harbour Hostel, 866-772-9494 – Only a 0.4-mile walk off trail. A small resupply is offered here, as well as what many hikers describe as “the best breakfast on the Appalachian Trail.” The Station at 19E hostel also offers lodging, resupply, and shuttle services, as well as a craft beer pub (423-250-3700). Both resupply options are limited, so this would be a great place to mail yourself a resupply box!

Mile 423- Hampton, TN. Take the beautiful, creekside, one-mile side trail into Hampton, TN. Resupply options are a bit limited, but there is a Dollar General and a couple of small grocers in town.

Mile 470Damascus, VA: Welcome to Virginia, the self-proclaimed “State for Lovers.” The blazes walk you straight through the heart of this trail town. Several hostels are available if you choose to stay in this popular trail town. The Place at 504-343-3734 and Crazy Larry’s/The Only Wanderer at 276-475-7130 are just a couple of options available. With three outfitters in town plus a couple of grocers, an ample resupply is available here. Only a short walk out of town is the Damascus Brewery for beer lovers.

Photo via Stewart Moore.

Mile 520 – Troutdale, VA: Shower, laundry, prepared meals, and limited resupply available to guests of the nearby Sufi Lodge (276-677-0195), or you can get a shuttle to Sugar Grove and resupply at the Dollar General. The Troutdale Baptist Church (276-677-4092) also hosts hikers. The road doesn’t get a ton of traffic, so we recommend pre-arranging a shuttle rather than attempting to hitch.

Mile 534 – Marion, VA: The spot where the AT crosses VA 16 is a six-mile hitch into Marion, VA. You can also call 276-782-9300 to schedule a free bus ride from the Mt. Rogers Visitor Center to town via Marion Transit. The Merry Inn Hiker Hostel also offers free shuttles with stay from Partnership Shelter. There are plenty of large grocery chains and restaurants in Marion, and a full resupply can also be found at Marion Outdoors. There’s even a drive-in movie theater! Hmmm, I wonder if they accept walk-ins. 😉

Mile 556 – VA 610: Quarter Way Inn is 0.3 miles west and offers a full resupply.

Mile 592 – Bland, VA: just over three miles off trail, Bland offers a supermarket and a Dollar General as well as a few restaurants.

Mile 610 – Trent’s Grocery: Only a half-mile off trail, Trent’s offers food, camping, showers, and a small resupply. 276-928-1349

Mile 636 – Pearisburg, VA: Less than a mile to walk from trail to town, Pearisburg is worth a visit. In town, you’ll find lots of grocers for resupply and every hiker’s favorite, an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet!

Mile 710 – Catawaba, VA: Donation-based Four Pines Hostel, 540-309-8615, is an easy 0.3-mile road walk from the AT They offer shuttles to Catawaba Grocery. Alternatively, send yourself a box to the Catawba Post Office.

Mile 730 – Daleville, VA: The trail passes within a quarter-mile of Daleville’s Kroger grocery store and outfitter, as well as a number of excellent restaurants and hotels.

Mile 787 – Glasgow, VA: Glasgow isn’t the easiest place to hitch a ride into town based on my experience, but patience usually pays off. There are small grocers in town and a free, town-provided pavilion with hot showers, a porta-potty, and tenting allowed. You can also grab snacks, pizza, and fuel canisters at Stanimal’s Hostel in town ( 540-480-8325 ).

Mile 809 –Buena Vista, VA: Nine miles off trail is the little town of “B-yoo-nuh-Vista,” as the locals pronounce it. With a Food Lion and several reasonable hotels, a campground, and restaurants, you’ll find what you need for a full resupply.

Mile 864 – Waynesboro, VA: 4.5 miles off-trail, Waynseboro is a hiker-friendly trail town offering a YMCA center for camping and showers, two hiker hostels, an outfitter, and plenty of large market options. The best thing about Waynesboro is Ming Garden, an all-you-can-eat lunch and dinner Chinese restaurant. Yes, please.

As you enter Shenandoah National Park, prepare to be spoiled. There are stores/restaurants/bars throughout the park called “Waysides” which offer various resupply options and a limited outdoor selection. You won’t need to carry as much food as normal if you plan to capitalize on the meals offered at the Waysides. Just bear in mind that within the national park, you’ll be paying tourist prices (i.e., expensive).

Mile 893 – Loft Mountain Wayside: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served. Food resupply items in store.

Mile 918 – Lewis Mountain Campground and store: Home of the $1 cans of beer! You can even purchase singles of the good stuff for cheaper than you can purchase a can of soda. Charge your phone and enjoy a couple of drinks while you peruse the small resupply selection.

Mile 927 – Big Meadows Wayside: Meals served and small resupply options available here. Great bar downstairs!

appalachian trail resupply points: a sign in shenandoah national park with arrows pointing to skyline drive and big meadows (visitor center, food - gas - lodging, picnic - ranger station)

Photo via Ryne Tobar.

Mile 934 – Skyland Resort and Restaurant: The gift shop on site sells basic resupply items. There’s a bar on site.

Mile 944 – Luray, VA: At US 211, if you can land a nine-mile hitch into town, Luray is a fun place to chill for a day or two. Ample restaurants and a few large and small markets in town, bowling and a movie theater, this city offers plenty of off-trail fun (at a more reasonable price than the Waysides).

Mile 953 – Elkwallow Wayside: Visible from where the trail crosses Skyline 23.9, you’ve only got a 0.1-mile walk to reach Elkwallow. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served on-site, and limited groceries are available.

Mile 972 – Front Royal, VA: Front Royal is a pretty easy place to hitch a ride from US Hwy 522, or you can catch the free Front Royal trolley from the trailhead (picks up twice a day on weekdays). There are tons of options for food, lodging, and resupply in Front Royal. Check out Mountain Trails for full services including repairs, gear, mail-drop, and resupply. Thru-hikers can enjoy a 10 percent discount, and kick back in Basecamp, a free hiker lounge, complete with snacks, showers, and laundry –sponsored by local businesses.

Check out Bears Den Hostel and Blackburn AT Center for lodging options between miles 1002-1010. Read about them here.

Mile 1026 – Harpers Ferry, WV: Celebrate your “almost” halfway point as the trail takes you directly into this unique little trail town! Only a small percentage of thru-hikers make it this far! While in town, visit the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s headquarters and have your picture made for the yearly album. There are a few small stores and restaurants in town for resupply and yumminess. This would be a good town to consider sending yourself a resupply box as your options are a bit limited in town.

Mile 1057 – Smithsburg, MD: One and a half miles west of the AT, you can find a Martin’s Food Store, a Dollar General, and several restaurants.

Mile 1067 – Waynesboro, PA: The trail takes you two miles from the town’s Walmart and 4.5 miles from downtown with other resupply options.

Mile 1085 – Fayetteville, PA: Walmart is seven miles west of the AT and a couple of smaller markets lie within 2 miles from the trail. Stick out that thumb and smile!

Mile 1105 – Pine Grove Furnace Store: The trail leads you right past Pine Grove Furnace store, most famous for its half-gallon challenge, where hikers celebrate reaching the halfway point by attempting to eat that much ice cream in half an hour. Most regret it afterward. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. There is short-term resupply offered here. 717-486-4920

Mile 1124 – Boiling Springs, PA: Our beloved trail leads you right into the heart of Boiling Springs, PA. A few small food marts are in town.

Mile 1132 – Carlisle, PA: Carlisle offers some smaller resupply options, but a short hitch east can take you to Mechanicsburg, which has grocery stores (Walmart, Wegmans, etc.) and an REI.

Mile 1150 – Duncannon, PA: This is yet another trail town where following the white blazes leads you straight through its heart. The Doyle is a must-stop, at least for a beer and a burger. Several small convenience stores in town for resupply. This would be an awesome town to send ahead a box to ensure you get what you need in a full resupply. Alternatively, if you can catch a ride you can resupply at Dollar General just outside of town (don’t recommend walking there, it’s a busy and unsafe road).

Mile 1194 and 1196 – Pine Grove, PA: A little over three miles off-trail, there are small resupply options in Pine Grove, PA. A Dollar General and BG’s Market, 570-345-0464, exist there for you to stock up on what you need. Side note: if staying at the 501 Shelter (mile 1196) you can have pizza delivered to the shelter from town.

Mile 1220 – Port Clinton and Hamburg, PA: The trail takes you right through Port Clinton, where landing a ride into Hamburg is a cinch if you stop into the Port Clinton Barber Shop to hang out a while. Hamburg offers a variety of yummy eating spots, a Walmart superstore, and a Cabelas outfitter. Port Clinton allows hikers to set up tents or sleep inside the town pavilion. Respect it as a privilege and take care of the place on behalf of all of us out there.

Mile 1261 – Palmerton, PA: Only 1.5 miles off the AT, Palmerton has it all. Full resupply and eating options in town.

Mile 1282 – Wind Gap, PA: An easy one-mile walk or hitch into town, Wind Gap offers a couple of lodging options and two food stores for resupply. Restaurants are varied.

Mile 1298 – Delaware Water Gap, PA: This is a popular trail town for hikers to take a zero day. The white blazes take you right through the middle of town. A donation-based church hostel is available in the center of town, The Church of the Mountain Hostel 570-476-0345. Please donate what you can to thank this church for the amazing service they offer us! In town is Sycamore Grill with beer and wings specials, The Village Farmer and Bakery, Edge of the Woods Outfitters for resupply, and a couple of small grocers.

Mile 1340- Port Jervis, NY: This town offers a Price Chopper and ShopRite market and is located 4.4 miles from the AT trailhead at High Point State Park headquarters (where you can also purchase snacks and sodas, incidentally).

Mile 1349 – Unionville, NY: Only a 0.7-mile walk off-trail, this little town offers free hiker camping behind their post office. The general store is small but offer adequate food resupply options. Enjoy the pizza and tavern in town!

Mile 1360 – Vernon, NJ: The town sits 2.4 miles off trail, but Clarity found it to be a pretty easy hitch to and from town. There’s an ACME Market in town and several restaurants to satisfy your hiker hunger.

Mile 1388 – Harriman, NY: Harriman is 3.7 miles off the AT from Orange Turnpike and offers numerous full grocery stores and lodging options.

Mile 1408 – Fort Montgomery, NY: One point eight miles off trail, you can eat and resupply here. Food Mart (located in the Mobile station) and Chestnut Mart are small markets.

Mile 1414 – Peekskill and the Appalachian Market. The Appalachian Market offers hot food and decent resupply selection right next to the trail (open 24/7), or you can catch a ride into Peekskill for a full selection of grocery stores, lodging, and other services. Incidentally, Peekskill is also a great place to catch the train into New York City.

Mile 1451 – Pawling, NY: 2.6 miles off trail, you’ll mostly find eateries here, but there is a CVS and free camping in town. Another 1.8 miles beyond the town there is a Hannaford’s supermarket if you can get a ride.

Mile 1472 – Kent, CT: Only 0.8 miles off trail, Kent offers a couple of small resupply options, a spattering of restaurants, and Kingsley Tavern to quench your thirst.

Mile 1504 – Salisbury, CT: Ms. Maria Macabe (860-435-0593) and Vanessa Breton (860-435-9577 or 860-733-9024) offer low-cost bedrooms and showers for a night. The town has several restaurants and offers (kind of pricey) resupply in the form of LaBonne’s Market.

Mile 1526 – Great Barrington, MA: An easy hitch off a busy highway, Great Barrington is a neat town. Everything you could possibly want to eat can be found in town from chain restaurants to local joints. There’s a Price Chopper a short walk north of town and a Dollar Tree to the south.

Mile 1555 – Lee, MA: Hitchhike the five miles into town if you want to visit Big Y World Class Mart for your resupply needs.

Mile 1574 – Dalton, MA: Follow the white blazes straight into Dalton past Sweet Pea’s ice cream shop into town. You can find a full resupply just down the road in neighboring Pittsfield (including Walmart).

Mile 1582 – Cheshire, MA: Our faithful blazes once again lead us through this tiny Massachusetts town. Resupply options are limited, but there are a couple of convenience stores to stock up on the basics, as well as a Dollar General. This would be a good place to consider sending yourself a resupply box.

Mile 1597 – North Adams and Williamstown, MA: One direction takes you into Williamstown, 2.7 miles from the trailhead. The other direction will walk you about two miles into North Adams with stopping points along the way. Either way, you’ll be able to bump into full resupply at Big Y, Stop and Shop, or Wild Oats.

Mile 1616 – Bennington, VT: Town is 3.4 miles from where the AT crosses VT 9. Full resupply, including Walmart, Aldi, and Price Chopper.

Mile 1656 – Manchester Center, VT: Though town is 5.4 miles from the trailhead, you get spit out onto a main highway, so getting a ride is pretty simple. Green Mountain House, 330-388-6478, a clean hostel option in town, offers shuttles with stay. Firefly gets Clarity’s vote as the best pub food and beer in town. Resupply options include Price Chopper and other small markets.

Mile 1706 – Rutland, VT: Due in part to this being the town where The Yellow Deli hiker hostel is located, folks passing by the AT are pretty quick to pick up a hiker looking for a ride into town. Within walking distance from the donation-based hostel is a Walmart, Price Chopper, and even a movie theater if you’re in need of a relaxing zero mile day. Clarity recommends Hop’n Moose for dinner and delicious on-site brewed beer!

Mile 1709 – Killington, VT: If you’d prefer to walk into towns rather than hitching, Killington is a mere 0.6 miles off trail at VT 100 and has options like Base Camp Outfitters, offering gear and food resupply, and the Inn at Long Trail, offering meals, mail drops, laundry facilities, and discounted room rates for thru-hikers. There’s a small deli/market in town. You can get to Rutland from Killington by catching the commuter bus.

Mile 1751 – Hanover, NH: You’ll follow the white blaze right into the heart of it. Upon entering town, stop at Lou’s for a free gourmet muffin, Ramunto’s pizzeria for a free slice and an awesome beer selection, and a Co-op Food Store for substantial resupply. There’s free camping north of Hanover in the woods at the trailhead.

Mile 1806 or mile 1822 – North Woodstock and Lincoln, NH: In North Woodstock, there’s the Notch Hostel, 603-348-1483, and in Lincoln, though not mentioned in the trail guides, there is Chet’s place, the most popular thru-hiker landing spot in the area. Resupply options are ubiquitous. Outfitters and Price Choppers among other resupply stations are located in town.

Mile 1876 or 1898- Gorham, NH: The Barn hostel at Libby House (603-723-6129) has bunks and space for camping. Various food options in town, including an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet, and resupply spots including Walmart.

Mile 1948 – Andover, ME: You’ve made it into your last state! Congrats on being among the few who have done so. Andover is located 8 miles from the trailhead. Extensive resupply available at Pine Ellis Lodging, and they will pick you up for a fee. Also within walking distance in this tiny town are a couple of small general stores. Mills Market cooked up the best brick oven pizza I experienced on the entire trail…what a gas station surprise!

Mile 1975 – Rangeley, ME: Rangeley marks the halfway latitudinal point between the North Pole and the Equator and is home to Sarge’s Pub with good burgers and beer. The Hiker Hut is a hostel in the area of this hiker-friendly town. There is an IGA supermarket on the way into town from the trail (near the post office), as well as three outfitters with some hiker food and fuel on offer.

Mile 2007 – Stratton, ME: Stratton offers adequate resupply in the form of a grocery store and several small markets. The White Wolf Inn, home of the 8oz Wolf Burger, also houses a fairly decent selection of beer on tap. You can also stay nearby at the Hostel of Maine, which offers limited in-house resupply and also offers rides to the small market nearby.

Mile 2044 – Caratunk, ME: With two lodging options less than two miles from the trailhead, Caratunk is a good spot to stop for a night or two and mingle with your trail family. The Sterling Inn, 207-672-3333 offers extensive resupply options, reasonable lodging, free shuttles, and a breakfast buffet.

In the opposite direction, Northern Outdoors sits two miles off-trail and provides a free shuttle, use of shower, pool, and hot tub with or without stay, and offers rooms, cabin tents, and traditional tenting. Kennebec River Pub and Brewery is on-site. Call for shuttles 800-765-7238.

Mile 2077 – Monson, ME: This is a must-stop trail town before hikers enter the Hundred Mile Wilderness. With two great lodging options, Lakeshore House Lodging & Pub at 207-997-7069 and Shaw’s Lodging at 207-997-3597, there’s no shortage of places to land for a night to hang with your buds as your time together draws near to an end. Shaw’s offer’s full resupply and has an attached outfitter (Poet’s Gear Emporium).

Beyond Shaw’s, resupply options are sparse. Robinson’s Convenience Store and Monson General Store are small general stores with enough options to get you through the wilderness. Monson is a great place to mail yourself a food drop!

Note: No option to get off-trail and resupply between Monson and Abol Bridge/Millinocket. This is the 100 Mile Wilderness.

Mile 2180 – Millinocket, ME: You’ve done it! The Hundred Mile Wilderness is behind you and only Katahdin looms ahead… your final mountain on the Appalachian Trail! The Appalachian Trail Hostel, 207-723-4321, offers a free daily shuttle from Baxter State Park in the afternoon. Ole Man’s Gear Shop is on-site, and the Appalachian Trail Cafe is located a block down the road offering happy hour specials on select beer.

Millinocket has a Hannaford’s supermarket if you need to resupply before tackling Baxter Peak. Be aware that Millinocket is about a 40-minute drive from the AT. Alternatively, you can get a limited resupply (as well as a shower, laundry, and a primitive cabin or tent site) from the Abol Bridge Campground store just off the trail (also at Mile 2178).

Your final white blaze! The days of planning resupplies, hiking from morning till night, and pigging out in hiker towns are over. Real world sometimes sucks upon return! Hikers sometimes suffer from a bit of post-trail stress. Coming soon is an article on ways to be proactive so that your transition back to reality is as stress-free as possible. Cheers! Congrats! 🙂 You will never be quite the same.

Featured image: Graphic design by Zack Goldmann.

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  • Angie : Mar 30th

    Great post, thanks for the help!!
    My boyfriend and I start the trail April 14 — I can’t wait!!

    • Clarity : Mar 30th

      Yeah! Awesome! Check out the other articles on my blogsite to assist in your planning…places to stop, good beer on trail, etc. If you’re starting at Amicalola to walk the approach trail, I’ll be there to register you! 🙂

      • Andrew Livingston : Nov 27th

        New outfitter/Resupply called Marion Outdoors and Hiker Hostel called The Merry Inn coming to Marion, VA downtown spring 2022. Free shuttle if you stay at the Merry Inn.

    • Walt Daniels : Mar 30th

      Entry for Mile 1356 – Vernon, NJ, Page 137 – The town sits 2.4 miles off trail, but Clarity found it to be a pretty easy hitch to and from town. There’s an A&P Grocery

      A&P went bankrupt. Probably now something else, but many just closed.

      • ChrisMek : Sep 28th

        And the church is closing as well… So no hostel there starting 2017

      • Danielle Dimples Longo : Nov 12th

        Acme Grocery open in same place that housed A&P. Post Office and Sushi also in same shopping center. Church changed owners so I dont think hostel open but there are still 3+ hotels.

    • Clarity : Dec 15th

      Good luck Angie! I don’t know why the article states it was updated in November 2021. Please note this has NOT been updated since 2017. If anyone knows of changes, email me, Clarity, and I’ll make them.

    • Darrell Smith : Jun 15th

      Any chance there’s a list of natural food stores along the AT corridor within say 20 mi of the AT? I have food allergies so I can’t eat just anything. I have to stick with whole grains and dry beans. Thank you

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      Oh my God finally something useful!!!

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  • Carin : Mar 30th

    Fabulously informative post! Thank you so much for all your info! I’m planning a 2017 thru hike starting in February and love all your help. Really appreciate all your work you put into it to make it so easy for others.

  • Daniel : Apr 2nd

    Do all of these places accept resupply package deliveries? Also are you aware of a list of post offices which are within walking distance of the trail? Thank you for the list!

    • Clarity : Apr 2nd

      Hey Daniel! Use the links and phone numbers provided to confirm maildrops, but most of the hostels and outfitters do accept them. I”m actually currently working on a blog post focused on maildrops and post offices. Look for it to be posted next week. 🙂 Cheers!

  • Cory : Sep 27th

    How in the world do you guys not list Outdoor 76 in Franklin, NC?? Hands down the best resupply spot for the first 500+ miles on the A.T.!!!

    • Red : Jun 15th

      Or their sister store, in newly designated AT Community, Clayton, GA? Mile 70 as well and everything is super close together.

      • Red : Jun 15th

        Did I mention Outdoor 76 in Clayton offers a free shuttle to and from Dick’s Creek Gap during peak season (Late March-May) 2 times a day?

  • Jen "Athena" sobo '14 : Sep 27th

    From trail crossing near Mountain Harbour, Tennessee it was a really easy hitch into town and back, with multiple restaurants, great grocery store, and friendly locals. The hostel also has a shuttle into town, but I can’t remember if there’s a fee. Save yourself a mail drop.

    Rangley, Maine was also easy hitching. Great town, awesome shops, locals, food, and IGA grocery store.

  • Luisa Surprenant : Sep 27th

    Dont forget Abol Bridge Store first resupply stop when you come out of the 100 mile wilderness. Restaurant on site also.

    • Deanna - Mouse : Sep 28th

      I found the Abol bridge store to be very overpriced ($2 for a clif bar), with a somewhat limited selection for nobo hikers coming out of the hundred mile wilderness (a lot of junk food) who do not or cannot go into Millinocket before going into Baxter State Park. But everyone’s resupply style and budget is different. Guess I had higher expectations for this resupply point on my recent thru hike 😉

  • ChrisMek : Sep 28th

    Sadly, the resupply stop in Vernon NJ is not valid anymore. The A&P closed and the Church is closing so the Hostel is closing as well.

    There is a Shoprite about 4 miles from the Warwick turnpike crossing and hitching is just as easy as in Vernon.

    Hope this helps.

    • BT : Jan 3rd

      You can also watch a movie and camp for the night at the Warwick Drive-In Movie Theater! Right behind the Warwick Shop-Rite!

      • Paul : Jan 4th

        Nice article, hopefully I’ll find it useful this year. The link that brings me here says the article is also available as a downloadable PDF but I can’t find that. Am I lost before even hitting the trail?

  • Colin Gooder : Oct 1st

    Please add to the resupply and shuttle resources for Franklin, North Carolina. There’ are more options than just the Budget Inn.
    Gooder Grove A.T. & Adventure Hostel is available for shuttles, overnight stay, guiding and resupply service. Our bunks have real mattresses, linens and pillows. Owner Colin “Zen” Gooder can be reached at 828-332-0228.

  • Bloodhound : Feb 22nd

    FYI-Gatlinburg has an inexpensive trolley service that can take you to the north end of town where there’s an excellent supermarket, Food City, that can take care of all your resupply needs.

  • Otter : Feb 23rd

    Clarity, thank you for this very informative post. Your posts are invariably helpful and timely.

    Headed NOBO in about 10 days!

    Thank you!


  • Walker Vaughn : Feb 24th

    Are all of these resupply points operational for a SOBO attempt? My buddy and I start a SOBO thru-hike on June 17

  • Hummingbird Ellie : Feb 24th

    What a great article. I have copied it and will take it with me on my hike next year. It will sure help in planning out my stops and even places to stay at. Thank you very much!
    Hummingbird Ellie

  • Microzoot : Feb 25th

    FYI – Boiling Springs, PA – The Allenberry Resort has changed ownership and is currently closed for renovations. Original schedule for re-open was April, but there has been no status update since October.

  • scott herndon : Feb 25th

    mile 554 Va quaterway inn and hostel has resupply mile from trail. Allenbury resort new owners stated they are redoing it into first class resort conference center so how hiker affordable or friendly remains to be seen

  • Tortuga : Feb 25th

    Thank you Clarity for taking the time to help us.

  • Barry Hudson : Feb 26th

    Thanks a million, Clarity! This is priceless! It’s folks like you that help restore my faith in humanity, which is one of the reasons I’m thru hiking the AT.

  • A.J. Matthews : Mar 6th

    Seriously, thanks for writing this. I feel like I just got all the answers to the test (currently planning out what towns I’ll need to resupply at)

  • Clarity : Mar 6th

    Thanks all. Glad this post has been helpful. I’ve updated it on to include the suggested comments and a few other changes that happened since my 2015 thru-hike.

  • Emily : May 19th

    You should also check out a brand new hostel at mile 318.2 right before Sam’s Gap, TN. They just opened this past April. Super nice Lady runs the place. It has a shuttle to/from the trail and clean bath house. Has cabins, tent areas, and hostel house. Restock, do laundry, hang out before the climb of Sam’s Gap.

  • Firecracker : Feb 8th

    Overall a great post. Thank you

  • Maverick : Feb 8th

    This is the best list I have ever seen. So accurate.

  • Burrhead : Dec 10th

    Don’t forget Cherokee, NC at Newfound gap. Still a decent hitchhike but they have a Food Lion downtown and Outdoor 76 is a great outfitters store.

  • James McConnell : Dec 10th

    PLEASE ADD – Between Damascus and Marion.

    Mile 519.3 (Dickey Gap) SUFI LODGE in Troutdale will be offering a resupply offering this year featuring items from COSCO, VITACOST and other suppliers. 67 High Country Lane, Troutdale VA 24378. Call from Hurricane shelter to arrange for a pick up at Dickey Gap (276) 677-0195

    • Clifford Ward : Feb 11th

      I copied the list to my “notes” on my mac, looks great to me,

  • David Magee : Dec 29th

    Please add The Station at 19e Roan Mountain TN.

  • Shawn Patrick : Mar 19th

    MM 207. Instead of going to Gatlinburg, hitch to Cherokee where there is a Dollar General right as you get into town. You resupply there, hitch right back to Newfound Gap, you can literally do this in an hour.

  • James (Umar) McConnell : Jan 7th

    Sufi Lodge B&B and Hiker Hostel: NOBO 519.3 VA 16 Call from Hurricane Shelter (Cell Reception) Free Shuttle, Free Mail Drop for those staying at (276) 677-0195. Hiker restock as well. Best to make reservations. Baptist Hostel is in the same town for those on a budget (donation only).

  • Crysta : Mar 26th

    This is a great guide! However, I noticed it was last published in 2017. Does anyone know if anywhere has closed since then?

  • WINDY MYERS : Nov 27th


  • Jim : Nov 27th

    This is a good list. A few comments.

    Add Mile 1132 Mechanicsburg to the east and Carlisle to the west have everything within a walk or a short hitch. Just west, the Middlesex Diner has some of the best food for hikers on the A.T. Several inexpensive motels close by. To the east, a short hitch down Route 11 there is everything, motels, big grocery stores, Wal-Mart, Target, a brand new REI that is the closest to the A.T., etc.

    Mile 1260, yes, Palmerton is fine. But, no one seems to mention that just down Route 145 from Lehigh Gap to the south are the sister towns of Walnutport and Slatington. They’ve got everything Palmerton has, and a little closer. Big grocery store with pharmacy, several fast food options, library, inexpensive motel, etc. Now that the Palmerton jail is closed to hikers, I think Walnutport-Slatington is a better option.

  • Jim : Nov 27th

    Another suggestion.

    Add Mile 1128.1 – At PA 641, there’s good resupply just 2.5 miles to the west, outside Carlisle, an easy hitch. Convenience store, fast food options and a big Target for resupply.

  • KasieJ : Dec 3rd

    I love this post. Do you have a printer friendly version? It would be something that we would like to have when we’re doing our section hikes. 🙂

  • Jedi : Dec 14th

    This article says it was updated on 11/24/2021, yet it still lists Greasy Creek Friendly which has been closed at least since last June when I did a section hike of the Roan Highlands.

  • Greg in Wild / Roger Carpenter : Jan 4th

    Standing Bear Farm (Mile 241) is a fine place to sleep, but their resupply is not “adequate” as you state. Comments in Guthook noted “past expiration date” numerous times. It’s better to send a box there. The “treehouse” is a nice place for a solo hiker or couple to sleep in.

  • John : Jan 6th

    It would be helpful if UPS delivery points were noted, where available.

  • A+J : May 6th

    For Mile 1057 – Smithsburg, MD, there’s also Martin’s, which is a full grocery store (we stopped there last summer on a section hike). Across the street is Debbie’s Soft Serve, also highly recommended. While we were sitting outside eating our soft serve, multiple friendly locals stopped to offer us a ride back to the trail!

  • Hostel Around the Bend : Feb 4th

    Hey there!
    Hostel Around the Bend now has Around the Bend Outfitters on site. We have resupply, gear, shoes, packs, quilts, sleeping bags, tents, and just about everything a hiker could need to get in and out and back on the trail! We’re just .6 miles off mile 69. Open 8am to 8pm

    We also pick up at Unicoi, Indian grave gap, Dicks Creek Gap, and Blue Ridge Gap with stay.

    Just stopping by for resupply, we’ll pick you up at Dick’s Creek Gap so you can save the 0.6 for the trail.

    • Clifford Ward : Feb 11th

      It would be nice if you could give a mile marker.

  • Clifford Ward : Feb 11th

    Thanks for such a great listing. Some may seem pricy but in the “sticks” getting supplies and such does cost more and cost of maintaining a business is more also. This was MOST helpful for this 72 year old (73 when I do the hike) and another item marked off my list.

  • Scribbles : Jun 24th

    Good List – here is some additional information.

    First, I would suggest aiming for 6-8 miles the first week as you and your body adjust to a new environment. It is suppose to be enjoyable and your body needs time to acclimate. You will have plenty of opportunities later for the big miles.
    The General Store and Post Office at Fontana have limited hours 11:45-3:45 Monday – Friday; no services on the weekend.
    The people at Greasy Creek Friendly are amazing – check them out.
    Mountain Harbour Hostel has shuttle services and they are very nice people.
    Wood’s Hole Hostel at mile 625.4 is full service and one of the best hiker hostels you will find. Accommodations in the bunkhouse, safari tents, or in the main house. Breakfast and Dinner available for a charge. Smoothies and yummy bars for snacks at a small charge. Laundry and nice bath house. Small, but well supplied, resupply hut. Shuttles available for a charge. Very relaxing, great food, and a memorable place.
    In Glasgow Stanimals will pick you up and shuttle back to the trail.

    Hike on!

  • Sparks : Jul 22nd

    Great help and a wonderful set of what I can find/do and where!
    Looking forward to my start mid April 2024


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