Return to the Trail!

I’m returning to the trail!

Late next week, my friend Lisa is driving me and Boomer to Warwick NY (think Bellvale Farms Creamery) so that I can pick up the trail where I left off in 2016, and resume my hike northward to Katahdin. I guess that I’m as ready as I will ever be. I survived a narrow brush with the fates yesterday when I dropped a large log on my foot while doing yard work. Fortunately I was wearing boots (not my trusty Altra trail hikers). My big toe is pretty black and blue, but there’s no subungual hematoma (i.e. my toenail isn’t purple). And it only hurt a lot for a day, so I’m sure it’s not broken.

The ticks are another story. They are out in full force. I pulled two off me the other day. I didn’t think they were attached for very long. But maybe I’m wrong, because 2 days after removing the tick buried in my scalp above my right ear, the whole side of my face swelled.  I spsrouted big tender lymph nodes in front of my ear, below my jaw, and into my neck on that side. Doxycycline appears to be fixing it. Ouch!

The little stuff

I have all the big stuff from 2016’s thru-hike attempt – Gossamer Gear Mariposa backpack, Zpacks duplex tent, and Zpacks down bag. All I have had to do is round up the little stuff. I bought some cotton bandanas from Bandana World and they actually have softened up after a few runs through the washing machine. I’ve ordered a new cheap Timex watch – mine is all scratched up, needs a new band, and the battery must be near the end of its lifespan. I’ve sprayed all my outerwear with Permethrin – to try and cut down on ticks. And bought a new little bottle of DEET.  I had to break down and bew Dirty Girl gaiters because I have looked everywhere and mine seem to have disappeared. How could something bright pink just disappear?

Hike For

I thought I would try to fund raise a little money for an amazing nonprofit founded by my friend Juli, the KRAMER foundation.  They rescue dogs – yes – but they do so much more. Please visit their website to learn more. You will be awed. If you want to sponsor me for the remaining 800 and change miles, here’s the link: My goal is to raise $1,000. I am halfway there. (The site shows a little less than that, but a few people have already donated directly to the KRAMER foundation.) A big shout out and thank you to my sponsors.

KRAMER is raising money to build a kennel facility. They are almost up to their goal of $300,000. Now that sounds like a lot, but to put that in perspective, I heard a story on my local public radio. They mentioned a new line in the N.Y. State budget that allocates 5 million dollars for animal shelter infrastructure construction. In the story they lamented about how that was so little, that it could build just 1 or 2 shelters. So wait a minute – other organizations need to spend about TEN times as much as KRAMER to build their facilities?! Wow. If you donate to KRAMER you are getting a huge bang for your buck.

Back to the computer

Alas there is so much to catch up on before I leave.I’m putting my nose back to the grindstone now. It’s made easier by the fact that there is pouring rain out there at the moment.

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  • Macha : Apr 20th

    Eva, I’m thrilled that you’re getting back on the trail and can’t wait to read your posts. (I’m a retired doc who planned to thru-hike last year but couldn’t resist becoming nanny for new grandtwins.) Happy trails and keep us posted.

  • smokestack : Apr 21st

    Glad to see you are ready to hit it again! Good luck on your Journey. May have missed it but is Boomer going also?

  • loopyswan : Apr 21st

    looking forward to your posts, welcome back cheers to extending your adventures and reaching that summit!


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