Stretch—Days 1 to 9

April 15

Day 1: 16.8 miles.

The first day I felt good so I hiked far. I got very gently peer pressured to hike more. Not much happened the first day but I made it and became acquainted with a few other hikers.

Day 2: 15.9

After a previous long day I was tired and had to worry about doing short miles or a long day. It was raining and I wasn’t going to make it to a so I ended up doing a hostel. Mountain crossings, free dinner + free dinner again for breakfast. I saw people I previously met, now Grams and Duster.
$17h + 1.05g

Day 3: 11.5

Rain, again. We got to a shelter early and relaxed. I somehow came to lead a stretch at the shelter at night then in the morning. Stretch seemed to stick for a trail named after this.

Day 4: 13.4

The best day so far, stay at the cheese factory campsite and finally got most of a nights sleep…

Day 5: 13

…even though I woke up to rain soaking me in my tent. We packed up tent in the pouring rain. Skipped eating because of the wet, trudged on with little food. I felt awful hiking but we went fast. We decided to push all the way to Hiawassi to get dry and stay in town. Stopped at 2 shelters along the hike for pick me ups, at the second I finally made food and felt much better. The sun came out for the last bit. I’m not doing this as cheap as originally planned, I have a feeling I’ll have to give up on that.
$29ho $8.75r

Day 6: 0

Took an accidental zero. I meant to do a Nero but went farther for the rain. I did some resupply and then made my way to Top of Georgia Hostel. I felt pretty antsy, like I needed to keep moving so I did some yoga and did my best to eat a ton. I hadn’t gotten a good nights sleep since before the trip and still didn’t here. Bummer.
$29f $8g

Day 7: 16.7

I did my best to catch up with the guys I’ve been hiking with previously plus two more, Krusty and Musty. Since I started early and they started late I managed to catch them as they left the shelter about 5 miles into hiking but because of this I went about 8 miles without solid  rest. It was a tough hike day with tons of hills. Once I got to the shelter it started to get very cold and at that point I was definitely happy to have my 15 degree bag.


Day 8: 16.2

I felt good today and the terrain treated me well. Mollie has now joined us. She’s not sure yet if she’ll make this a section instead of a thru but I hope she sticks it out. We made it to mile 100. 1/22 of the way done!

Day 9: 3

Resupply nero in town. New pack, Granite Gear Blaze 60 $206, new sleeping pad Static V2 $62, and finally picked up bear bag rope and caribiner $10. Shipping home $14. Resupply $44. Laundry $2. McDonalds $6.5. $15 motel. Expensive Day.


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  • TicTac : May 3rd

    I don’t understand the abbreviations you are using (h, ho, gr…?) could you explain them?

    • Carmen Lamont : May 4th

      H/Ho i figured is hotel/hostel, I thought f was for food but no clue on Gr unless it is grocery?


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