Stretch—Days 71 to 81

Starting June 24

Day 71: 25.4 mi (1084.8)

After a morning of trail magic, the newly minted Heet Train pushed through miles, fast, in hopes of getting Italian food. There was no Italian food but instead food at the concession stand. It was still good.
$12 food

Day 72: 24.5 (1109.3)

After a struggle through my blisters I made it to Pine Grove Furnace State Park. Instead of doing the half gallon challenge now, I’ll do it in town tomorrow to save some money, although I did get an awesome burger. Yum.

The AT museum is also great. My blisters are back and worse from switching to Hokas but I had my mom send back my Cascadias. I should be able to pick them up in town tomorrow and start putting up miles again.
$7 burger

Day 73: 12 mi (1121.3)

Pushed slowly to Boiling Springs. Man, did I need to get there to get my old shoes back, my blisters were painful and out of hand. I received my shoes from the post office and made my way to Allenberry, a place too nice for hikers but priced super well. I took the rest of the day to relax and hang out with everyone.
$14 hotel, $6 beer

Day 74: 0 (1121.3)

Zeroing was a great idea. My feet had time to heal and I didn’t have to hike in the freezing downpour. A great trail angel @lesruss1965 gave us a ride to the grocery store, THANKS SO MUCH! We tired to do the half gallon challenge (I failed) and did some yoga. I even fit in my favorite zero day activity, a nap, and ate a ton at the awesome buffet. It was a solid day.
$9 resupply, $14 hotel, $3 half gallon challenge, $19 buffet

Day 75: 29.9 mi + 1 leaving Allenberry and side trails to shelters

I was about to write about how excited I was to finally slam a 30 mile day but I noticed it’s .1 off. Looks like I still need to get my 50k in. Today was relaxed. Farms and I started the rocks of rockylvania. It really wasn’t so bad. I even stopped at The Doyle for a burger.
$11.50 food & beer

Day 76: 24.6 mi (1175.8)

Felt lazy after the 30. Walked slow, saw a bear and got to camp late.

Day 77: 17.6 mi (1193.4)

Felt better today and made good time. I also ate probably half my weight in black raspberries. Got to the 501 shelter, which is more like a bunkhouse, ordered pizza and dropped my plans to do 5 more miles. We played some Uno so it was worth it.
$11 food

Day 78: 24.1 (1217.5)

We did a long day to Port Clinton to get to the firehouse bar. The Fonz read about a rope swing on the trail. We stayed there for a bit and although the water was freezing, it was beautiful. The bar was a ton of fun and very cheap. We stayed up way passed hiker midnight and slept at the pavilion in town.
$38 beer and food

Day 79: 14.8 mi (1232.3)

We stayed at breakfast a bit too long but we had a nice leisurely hike after so it was okay that we started so late.
$14 breakfast

Day 80: 19.8 mi (1252.1)

We stopped for beer and burgers at the Blue Mountain Restaurant. We then got burgers for trail magic after which was still welcome. My friend picked us up and took us to my hometown and we finished the night resupplying, drinking beer and using my parents hot tub.
$40 resupply, $15 beer, $16 restaurant

Day 81: 0 mi (1252.1)

I forced everyone to hike on their zero (just 1.5 mi) to a cliff jumping spot. It was raining but still fun. Afterward we got in showers and laundry while my mom forced us to eat a ton. Then we went to my friends place for lots more beer, great food and fireworks. Not the most relaxing zero but it was certainly a fun one.













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