The AT’s Honey-Do List

As I sit here writing this I am a mere week away from quitting my job. I, a 26 year old kid, am only 7 days away from “retirement”. However, if you have been keeping up with my posts you’ll know that Michelle and I are not stepping foot onto the trail until May 17th. If you haven’t been keeping up with my posts then you wouldn’t know that, which is cool too I guess… So why the long gap?

Something┬áthat doesn’t get much press when talking about the AT is the tedious chores you have to take care of before leaving. I don’t blame people, it’s not the most glamorous aspect. I have a plethora of things to get accomplished, and I need that month in between work and the start date to take care care of it all. Plus I want a little R&R before my strenuous vacation.

So to get to brass tax, the following is the list of things I need to take care of before leaving. Not all of it may be applicable to your life, but some of it may help you save money/make life easier while you’re on your own thru hike.

While reviewing this post I realized I need a picture, so here's a picture of my old ass cat in a sweater. Looks like a purrfect fit, amirite? I'll stop now.

While reviewing this post I realized I needed a picture, so here’s my old ass cat in a sweater. Looks like a purrfect fit, amirite?? Ok I’m done.

  • 401K – During my brief extent in adulthood I’ve managed to start a 401K (woohoo). Since I’m leaving my job, it makes no sense to keep it tied to the company. Instead, I will transfer this to an IRA account at my bank, so it can sit there and collect dust. Exciting stuff, right?
  • Insurance – In my case, lack of job means lack of insurance. I have no real suggestion on what plan is the best, I haven’t even decided what will work best for me.
  • Adjust Phone Bill – I really don’t see a need to have that much 4G while out on the trail. It’s not like there’s a lot coverage out there anyways. I’m going to lower my plan to 1GB and rely on WiFi in towns for internet.
  • Cancel Streaming Subscriptions – This is gonna piss my friends off who mooch on my Netflix and HBOgo. Suck it Aaron, I know it’s you.
  • Sell Unneeded Items/ Car – I don’t have much, but I don’t really have a place to store what stuff I do own. I’d keep it at my parents house, but they’re moving, so I’m getting rid of most of it. This includes my car. I don’t feel like keeping insurance on it and paying to store it somewhere.
  • Water Seal Tent and Other Crap – Who am I kidding? My gear is going to get soaked no matter what. Here’s to wishful thinking!

There’s some other crap I have to get done, but it’s mostly trivial shit. If you think I’ve missed out on anything important please let me know! Seriously though, a brother needs to know that kinda stuff.


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  • Robert : Mar 31st

    On the insurance, might look at a traveling policy for your trip. The hiking Vikings, Keep between the blaze, production whom hiked the AT 2015. Look at that option. Not sure think it was about 500.00

  • Nichole Young : Apr 3rd

    Don’t forget to let your banks and credit cards know you’re traveling! Sucks to have service cut off because they think it’s fraud.


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