The Calm before the Storm

10 July 2017


AT NOBO Miles – 454 miles
AT SOBO Miles – 0 miles
AT Total Miles – 454 miles
Today’s – 0 miles
Time – 0 hrs
Speed – 0 mph

Today was rest day!  After the long travel day yesterday, I was glad I planned it this way.

Even though I thought I would get to sleep in, the sunrise at 5am just needed to bring me alive.  While it did wake me up, I turned over and caught a few more winks before finally getting out of bed.

After getting up, I took a shower and then headed over to the AT Trail Cafe for breakfast where I ran into ThePreacher who had just finished the AT yesterday.

So I picked his brain about what to expect over the next few weeks since he had just been there.  Top issues he mentioned were: #1 – bugs bugs and more bugs, #2 – it’s climbing up here in Maine not hiking, #3 – it’s wet,  #4 – bugs bugs and more bugs…did I mention bugs!

We then walked the town and enjoyed window shoppong in some of the local shops.  The town is still decorated for the 4th of July.  The cool thing was the light poles have knitted wraps…a nice touch if you ask ne.


Wilderness Resupply

There seems to be some confusion in AT Hiker circles about resupply in the 100 Mike Wilderness.  If you are like me, yoi heard you had to carry all of your food.  So if it’s 8 or 12 days…plan accordingly.

Well…this isn’t the case!  You have a few options and here are two!

After arriving at the AT Lodge last night, Ole Man gave me the hostel rules briefing.  It’s not a party hostel, it’s a smoke free establishment, yada yada yada…  However, during the discussion he highlighted that he could provide a food drop out into the wilderness.  While it’s not a free service, it’s something he started offering when he noticed many SoBo hikers quiting their AT Thru Hike attempt days into their hike.  The prime culprit was pack weight!

No surprise there!

So…for a $35 fee, you get a 5 gallon bucket to load half your food supplies into and they deposit it in the wilderness.  The only catch is…they give you written directions to where its hidden.

“25 yards past the dirt road then 25 yards past the 2nd sign turn right go 10 yards toward a rock and there’s your food”

I will say I AM a little concerned that I will be “hunting for a needle in a haystack” or more like “hunting for my food in the woods”.   And I HAVE to find it or go hungry!  So I’m now hiking the AT AND on a scavenger hunt!

The other way is to stop at White House Landing which has bunks, food and some respply options.

So…there are ways to reduce your pack weight when hiking across the 100 Mike Wilderness.  You just have to be creative and resourceful.

The Rest of the Day

After the walk around town, I came back pack my gear and REST!

It was then I realized my airline flight overhead bin had ripped the mesh pocket on my backpack.  So out came my best Betsy Ross impression as I sewed it up.  At 454 AT miles, the bag did fine…just one airline flight and it needs repairs!

For dinner, I looked for a place that served a Maine Lobster Roll.  I found it right downtown at the Scootic In.  It sure hit the spot!

Now it’s off to bed…since I have many long days ahead of me!



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