The End of My Walk Has Been Hard to Sum Up

Hey all,

It has been a long time since my last post. Good thing this isn’t my job, cause I would have missed a few deadlines. I had a feeling the posts would fade as I made my way north, for all sorts of reasons. It may be hard to believe me when I say that I was tooooo busy. I was, maybe not with anything in particular, I was just busy having the time of my life. Living in that moment.

I didn’t have cell phone service the last four states, and I loved it. It could be frustrating, but most knew I was unreachable. And trail group chats are overrated anyway.

We rely on these devices pretty heavily, and it was nice to really disconnect. Life carries on without ya when you are off the grid; I just carried on walking to Maine.

March 25, 2018, to Sept., 30, 2018

These two came and visited me in New York. I am a very lucky kid

Spork in the Road

Around mile 1,350 I got in a bit of a pickle. I was hiking solo and came down with a virus, and I was nowhere near in hiking shape. I hitched off trail and holed up in a motel for a few days. My amazing parents had been planning on coming out to visit, and it just so happened to be at this time. They helped me get back on my feet, and away I went, hiking to Maine. Their timing, again…

The Final Push

My sister and me at Amicalola Falls. Lucky to have you there at the start of this wild walk.  Congrats Colleen and Donovan!

The last few states were something else. I have some beautiful pictures to share. 7,000+ actually.

As much as I loved detaching from the real world, there were obvious things I missed as I progressed toward the end of my hike. This testing the mental side of things. Not being able to keep in touch with the amazing people who had been in my corner all along. My sister got engaged while I was in the 10- Mile Wilderness. I had no clue that was gonna happen. (Donovan?)

Not being able to call the folks and let them know where I was. How close I was to finishing this incredible walk that they had played such an important part in. Forever amazed by their love, and everyone else who cheered me on. Very humbling.

My brother Patrick and me at Clingma’s Dome after a week in the Smokies together. Heck of a week, and literally two days prior he had qualified for the Duathlon World Championships. Excited for you, PK.

I was fortunate to be able to share this with a lot of people. And that means so much to me. The support system had me feeling as if I was never alone in this trek, and I will cherish that forever.

AT Class of 2018

The people you meet on trail are like no other. I was just a few days in when I was exposed to the true kindness the trail offered. This would span the whole length. Genuine acts of kindness from complete strangers, Georgia to Maine. Wow, where else do you find that?

The other hikers, we all had one thing in common. Well, a few things, if you count the smell and filth and the idea of walking 2,190 miles. We are all out here for our own reason. We are all walking for something. Something that never had to be shared or explained. You were just supported regardless.

We all walked in the same mud, snow, wind, rain, blue skies, and sunshine.

It was a very unique and real way of connecting with others. I miss that a lot.

A wild climb up to Mount Moose-L-Hockey w/ Good Wood, Charms, and Reginald

The Snooze Crew.

So Now What?

Since finishing, every time I open my laptop, I’m not able to write more than a few sentences. I think I’ve been putting it off, because I didn’t want to “wrap up” my hike. The feeling that it would close the book on what has been some of the most amazing, special, smelly, ridiculous, trashy, joyous, hilarious, and inspiring months I’ve had of this beautiful life. As time goes on, I am working to remember that it’s not the end of the book, just the end of that awesome chapter. Maybe cliche? I don’t care

Once again, the support system I had, this thing spanned out pretty dang far and I cannot express how thankful I am. Social media can be a very cool way of interacting with others. In whatever capacity. The outreach, all that comes from it, and the bringing of wonderful people together. Thank you all for following, supporting, loving, and cheering me on.

Now, I want to do the same. I want to encourage and support people to do whatever it is that they love.

This is a quote from one of the hundreds of podcasts I listened to. I walked on this thought for along time.

“What is it that you love to do, are you doing a lot of it right now? If not, why not, you need to be doing more of it.”

Just over and over in my head.

I think writing can help support and encourage me to continue to live my best life, which to me, was out walking in the woods. And I hope I can help others, as so many have helped me.

What a Walk!


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