The First “50”

It’s 1:00 a.m., pitch dark, raining, and the gigantic Georgia trees are giving me a roaring wind.  For a while, I lay here thinking of the horrible things that could happen from a wind storm.  Then I thought actually it sounds like the ocean.  I love the ocean, the roaring,  rumbling waves beautifully crashing into one another.  So presently, I am imagining that I am at the ocean.  I am not sure if that is how the natives of Georgia survive their intense spring storms but it seems to be working for me.  Just one wave after another.

Wind, rain and cold.

The Mountains

Early morning mountain sunrise.

The ranges go forever, the rolling mountains.  I have been thinking a lot about the beauty.  I think that is why I’m drawn to hiking these mountains because I know at the top I am going to see a view that only God could create.  Certainly no human could do something like this. Each one has its high point and low point.  When I’m at the top there is a sense of accomplishment and when I’m at the bottom I am wondering what the next one will bring me.  In a weird sense, that is like life: we all have highs and lows.   Each mountain is like life, it presents something, different for each person.

The Little Things

82 and still hiking.

The smiles and the words of encouragement go along way.  Every person has a common goal, find water, eat food, sleep, and hike  to get to Maine.  In fact, with every new person that I meet, it’s my first question that comes out of my mouth.  “So are ya going to Maine?”  Quite often the common response from a winded breath is, “Yup that’s the goal!”  I met a lady, Lenora, who had a rough start.  She shared with me she fell and broke her thumb, and fell again and hurt her back.  It made my blisters feel minimal.  Even with these mishaps she is still going to Maine. I loved listening to her confirm that these were just little things because she was still upright and hiking.

The Faith of a Child

My heroes… thanks kiddos.

This trail or in my case, my Lord has all my trust.  So many little things have been nicely lined up with absolutely no planning.  So different then my normal life when every moment is planned.  The blessings go on and on, such as finding a warm dry hat, a rubber pole stopper, and my first hitchhike ride with a family from Florida.   I could not get through this without Jesus.  Some may call it a coincidence or just plain luck.  Nope,  I know who gets all the praise for this.  Tonight I will have the faith of a child and trust He will again comfort me in my weakest moments.  Excited to see what happens tomorrow.

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Comments 2

  • Sjoberg : Mar 18th

    Enjoying your photos as well as your faith expressed in words.

    You epitomize the grateful adventurer:
    Eating up what the trail is serving up for the day.

    I am glad your steps are guided and that you trust what lies ahead. I love how you face the shadows whether they are before you or behind you, knowing the Source of your Light (and life) makes all the difference.

    One day, one hour, one step … trusting His care and experiencing it with wonder. Journey on. Thanks for bringing us with you… probably why your pack feels so heavy.

    • Sherry Rouse : Mar 18th

      I just love the way you look at things on the trail, especially putting God first! My husband and I have hiked about 3/4 of Georgia doing in and out day hikes since 2016. With a few gaps (mostly north of Hogpen Gap) we’ve gone from Springer Mountain to a little beyond Tray Mountain and shelter. My husband broke his leg last January, but we’re back to hiking again, so I’m hoping we can do a bit around Dick’s Gap next. We’re pretty slow, mostly doing around 5-6 miles max, so really only doing 2-3 mile sections at a time. Look forward to following your progress!


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