The Time Is Short, the Stress Is Creeping In

Wow. What a week to say the least.

The week started with me getting food poisoning, and then it proceeded into my puppy Sugaree being diagnosed with Lyme disease. A whopping $800 diagnosis to say the least. But we made it through! And it is only 11 days from starting my car and driving to Florida to meet my trail crew.

The ups and downs have been extreme. I don’t know if anyone really understands the hours of overthinking, planning, deciding, and contemplating that comes with a six-month hike of survival in the woods. I definitely didn’t understand until now. Each day I have been waking up in my almost-completely packed apartment, just me and the pup, drinking my coffee and trying to make sure I know what I am in for. The mental preparation is more than I could ever imagine. Saying goodbye to my best friends that I have lived with for two years, my sister, my mom; the goodbyes are going to be the hardest part. Being really close with my family and friends is what makes this is trip bittersweet. I really just wish they all wanted to go with me.


Less Than a Week to See My Trail Crew

I will be starting the trail with three of my other friends, one of who is my best friend, Destiny; then we have Chris (CJ) and Hailey. We will have three dogs with us: Sugaree, Road Runner, and Bella. Quite the crew we will have! We are all coming from different parts of the US too, which is awesome. Destiny is in Colorado, CJ (he is from Maine) and Hailey are in Minnesota, and I am coming from New Hampshire. All with the same goal to conquer these 2,190 miles together. We have been communicating together and comparing drop boxes, gear, dog food, exercise routines and everything in between for months. I cannot wait to see them and put our dreams into reality.

Only 16 Days Till Our Start Day

I have only one real concern for myself through this journey and that will be money. Saving money while trying to pay bills, feed myself, and have a dog is almost impossible. I am bringing my last three paychecks pretty much and that’s it, but I know that I can manage money way better when I only have a set amount for a set time. We don’t plan on staying in many hotels or splurging too much, especially with the dogs, so that will save a bunch. Also with there being four of us, we can always combine our meals together. I would never let financial obligations stop me from this anyway.

Goodbye Work Life, Hello Woods

I work at a greenhouse and plant liner facility. Anything to do with plants, sign me up. I am lucky enough that they are letting me take the time off to do the AT and are inviting me back to be promoted in the fall. Working hard is definitely a strong quality of mine, and I am so happy that they believe in me enough to let me do this. The overtime has helped fund this whole trip too 😉 Well, speaking of, I am at work right now, better get back to the plants. Be back to write soon.

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  • LeoYermo : Mar 25th

    Thanks the posting. I am signing up and hope to learn beaucoup, oodles, and scads from your PCT hike

    • LeoYermo : Mar 25th

      Please forgive. I meant AT. Yikes!

  • RV Travel Blog : Apr 6th

    Travel can be awfully lonely sometimes. Other times and can really challenge you to find the joyful moments when your out there exploring the world alone, but sounds like you got some travel partners to get you through those rough times. Hiking the Appalachian Trail will change you forever. You’ll come out the other side more confident, independent and strong. Take it all in. So many dream of what your doing, but never pull the trigger. You’ve chosen the path of, “If you want something different; You’re going to have to do something different!”

    Achieve those dreams, and know you have an overwhelmingly amount of support in your corner! Don’t fret about money. The Appalachian Trail is filled with travel angels and I’m sure your infectious personality will meet em all.

    And above all document as much as you can through pictures and written thought so that one day you can look back and relive the amazing journey your on.

    You got this Munchie, LIVE THAT LIFE!!


    Incase you were worried


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