Through New Jersey and into New York

Day 93 Mohican Outdoor Center – AT Daily Miles 0;  AT Total Miles 1308.0

So I decided to go ahead and take a rest day for the ankle mainly. It would help me get gear cleaned and organized, as well as my own self cleaned and organized! I got a lot of Internet chores done with the Wi-Fi and was able to talk to my wife for a while.

The Mohican Outdoor Center is managed by the Appalachian Mountain Club and does a lot of great things for our hiking community. The property here is very relaxed and is really in tune with the surroundings. I’m glad I took a zero here.

I saw my first bear of the trail on my rest day of all things! The large black bear passed by the general store and checked us out. I’ve heard New Jersey has a lot of bears.

Day 94 Mohican to Gren Anderson Shelter – AT Daily Miles 21.0; AT Total Miles 1329.0

I really enjoyed my stay at the Mohican Outdoor Center. It was not really set up for backpackers but more for families to enjoy relaxing and nature. For me though it worked just fine. I stayed in the bunkhouse for two nights and although it could accommodate 16 people, I was the only one to book it so had so much privacy. Soon it was time to head back to the trail though.

Although my left ankle is still swollen, it does feel better. Plus, the rocks in New Jersey are still there, but not nearly as bad as they were in Pennsylvania.

The highlights of the day were probably the beaver ponds and lodges that I came across. There were a couple of good scenic views, but nothing like earlier in the trek down in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee. I feel a little bit of monotony setting in, but hopefully that will fade.

My goal tomorrow is to get into a small town in resupply and maybe camp in their city park. Unionville, New York is considered a very friendly community and I look forward to seeing it.

Beaver lodge

Less rocky trail

Mama turkey and flying baby

Day 95 Gren Anderson To Unionville, NY – AT Daily Miles 20.1; AT Total Miles 1349.1

I was very slow getting out of camp this morning. They were three other hikers in camp, but none were Appalachian Trail through hikers and they had a lot of questions for me. I never mind talking about my journey though so getting on the trail a little bit later no problem.

By 8:30 AM though I was off and hobbling so to speak. Actually the ankle continues to slowly improve although every so often I’m clumsy and kick a root or a large rock and that doesn’t feel very good. At least the swelling is going down.

They were some more beaver ponds today, and even the high point of New Jersey. I was able to get into town by 6:30 PM, set up my tent in the city park, grab a couple of beers from the market, and get two large pieces of pizza. That made the day a winner in my book.

The hardest thing for me over the next few weeks is going to be the resupplies. I don’t see the options there were earlier in the trip. Looks like they’ll be a lot of road walking or shuttles to get into towns to resupply.  I might have to carry more food so I do that stuff less often. At least tomorrow I can just walk a couple blocks down the road and get enough food to get me through the next three or four days. I’ll worry about the time after that when I get to it.

Nj high point

Field hiking

Mosquito bog

Day 96 Unionville, NY To Wawayanda Shelter – AT Daily Miles 16.8; AT Total Miles 1365.9

It was an interesting night staying in the city park in Unionville, New York. On the plus side there was a great pizza place across the street that let me bring my own beer. Plus setting up my tent on the soft grass of the park was very nice. On the negative side the street lights came on the desk and kept the tinting site aglow plus the church bells chimed every hour of the night. Still, I think the positives outweigh the negatives.

My day started with a resupply at the local market and some breakfast. It took me a while though, and I didn’t get on the trail till 9 AM. That is the main reason I got in just under 17 miles today. It was a weird day where I hiked a lot on boardwalks,  had a couple very steep uphills, and even saw a couple of black bears.

You’ll see by the photos there was a lot of diversity in the hiking today. There is road walking, farmers fields, wetlands, boardwalks, and boulder climbing. The day had it all, including a hotdog stand for lunch.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping for a pretty boring 20 mile day and I’ll keep an eye on the weather. There is supposed to be thunderstorms the day after tomorrow. That will dictate part of my plan for tomorrow night. Stay tuned.

Boardwalk trail

Woodsy trail

Grassy trail


Day 97 Wawayanda Shelter To Stealth View – AT Daily Miles 18.2; AT Total Miles 1384.1

The state of New York is shaping up to be my least favorite state. It is really hard to get into a hiking rhythm here because it seems like there is nothing but climbing and humongous rocks that require going very slow. It’s very hard on these old joints going down so steeply, not that going up is much more fun. There has even been a stretch with a ladder. And maybe it’s the time of year but it’s the first state that I’ve been attacked by mosquitoes nonstop. OK, I’ll try to quick complaining now.

Some of the positives though were my second hotdog stand in two days, the High Point of New York, and an ice cream store.

I’m still about 35 miles away from my resupply and running low on lunch. I think I can get to a lunch place though tomorrow And that would get me by until I can get into a market in two days. Fingers crossed that the weather isn’t too bad tomorrow though. The forecast is thunderstorms starting by 2 PM and to continue for the remainder of the day.

Well, that finishes up this latest blog. I estimating another five or six days to finish New York and then I’ll be on to my next state Connecticut!

Beaver lodge

A tough climb

Scenic waterfall

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  • Tiffany S. : Jun 23rd

    Hope the ankle is healing up! Great job on the journey and thanks for keeping up with the blog. I look forward to seeing your updates each week!

  • Doublepack : Jun 23rd

    Was great meeting and talking with you on trail the other day. Best of luck with the rest of your journey!



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