Time Flies When Having Fun

Where Did We Leave Off

This blogging gig is tough work.  I’m not even sure I know what blogging is exactly.  Enjoying yourself during the brief time you have in a day leaves little extra for writing.  I still haven’t found the sweet spot between spending time capturing thoughts or notes during the day and then finding enough time later to expand on the days events.   Before you know it so much time has passed that you can’t possibly remember all the little things that happened over the last couple weeks.

To blog this trip I need resources.  A main resource is my phone.  The phone needs recharging so when extended periods without electricity happen I need juice from another source.  So along with the phone I need an external battery to charge the phone.  An external battery is heavy and requires the charging just like the phone so getting electricity for the battery is crucial.  The cords to connect everything would be mandatory as well.

A charged phone is almost useless when the cell coverage is so spotty.  Roaming data usage is evidently the first thing Sprint takes away from its customers.  Good wifi is key.  Finding good wifi is like a trick question these days.  “Hello Hostel owner.  Do you have showers?  Laundry?  Most importantly, do you have a strong wifi?  Of course you do!”  Then you find out that the wifi only works while you are sitting inside the office which closes at 4pm.  You can set outside the office and still use the wifi but then you miss out on the relationship building with the other hikers who are undoubtedly sitting around a fire sharing some beverages.

The only thing needed beyond that is time.  Unfortunately, time doesn’t wait around for you to be able to use it. It just keeps creeping by.  You sleep because you need the rest.  Time keeps passing. Can’t blog while you hike; gotta watch where you’re stepping.  Maybe I need to look at how to speak my story and have the iPhone capture my words like our first shuttle driver did to maximize my time.  Until I can figure that out I will just keep doing my old way of doing things.  Make notes and then copy/paste and update before posting.

Taking a zero today while sitting on the covered porch of a B&B.  I didn’t need a zero but Becky wanted it and I said okay as long as I could catch up the writing to where we are.  So today I am doing just that.  Becky is spending the day making sure that I don’t do anything else but write.  So expect the stories of the last month to get posted today!  My promise to myself.  The neighbor of the hostel practicing shooting his multiple guns, what sounds like just a couple first downs away, is not going to distract me.

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  • Ann : Jun 12th

    Hey guys!
    So exciting reading the blog! Nancy drew has been quite the trooper passing you up a lot! LOL just take good care of yourselves and keep the blogging coming
    Say someone wanted to drive and meet you somewhere for a night or 2 where would be a good spot in mid July? Is that even possible to pin point?
    Love you guys and maybe I will see you all in a few weeks!


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