Today’s Meter Reading Is: 100% What The Heck Am I Doing?

Whoa. That gnarly ball of feelings is all up in my guts this evening.


Here’s why:


1. I need to work out more. Moar!

2. I need all of the monies. Asap. Por fav.

3. I still haven’t figured out my rain gear situation. It rains mostly not at all in Austin, TX. (Frog Toggs or OR Helium 2, the debate.)

4. I should go do some hill repeats or something, right now! (Pets a cat instead.)

5. Put down those Cheetos, you slug.

6. Do you think the tweezers in my Swiss Army knife will pull out a tick? (Because that one that was in my face that one time was a fighter.)

7. How many food drops will I land on, 6? 10?Not more than 12. Right?

8. Is my homemade dehydrated food going to spoil after a few months? (Huge paranoia in this arena, thanks OCD.) (Also me: buys expired discount food and eats it all of the time.) Paradox: please, halp.

9. How many raccoons are going to try to pet my butt on trail? I only ask because of previous encounters.

10. Ugh, I already know I’m going to scratch my glasses up to the point where my eyes are playing tic-tac-toe through the hash marks.

11. I bet I could learn Spanish (for real this time) if I listened to audio lessons on trail. Sí.

12. I do not need to carry an outdoor ukulele. (Yes, you do.) (Nooo, you really don’t, it weighs 15 oz.) (But, maybe. :D)



So, you see what I’m dealing with here.


Actually, I already feel better. Phew! See you on trail! (I’ll be the one eating rotten homemade apple chips squinting through the scratches in my glasses patrolling for handsy raccoons(I may or may not have a ukulele.))


Next time I’ll be posting about my gearlist. ??

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Comments 4

  • Sarah Southard : Jan 7th


    This post is great! I may have snorted a little reading it. I think all of us preparing are thinking the same things, and having the same feels. Hopefully I’ll see you out there. We got this!


    • Taylor : Jan 7th

      Haha, awesome. I had briefly considered going real serious with my blogs, but then I decided that stream of consciousness type of writing would align more with how I’ll actually feel on the trail, which is just processing the day as it comes. So cheers to uncertainty and the unknown! See ya out there!

      Road name: Freedom McGibbs
      Previous trail name: photo op
      Social media handle: Taylordtrash
      Hiker social media handle: Taylordtreks
      Trail name:tbd

  • Taylor's Mom : Jan 13th

    You’re posts are all over the map of craziness ready to launch out onto the raccoon blue yonder. Rad, really. I hope I can keep up. P.S. just don’t look at the end date.
    Later, gotta rest up to somehow hike vicariously through you for 2400 miles while on the couch. You’re the Best! Luv, Mom

    • Taylor : Jan 13th

      Whoa, it’s 2,200 miles. Let’s not go crazy here. 😉


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