Top Ramen — It’s what’s for Dinner (maybe)

I’ve seen blog after blog of people who say Top Ramen Noddles are a mainstay for the AT Thru Hiker and I was one of those who have “drank the koolaid”!   As I continue to prepare, I have been planning my meals around the ALL Time Favorite of Top Ramen Noodles for a hot meal after a long day of hiking.

Based on the weight of Top Ramen, it’s easy to understand why it works for long distance hiking.  It’s light, easy to make, has 180 calories and is a nice hot meal after a day on the trail.  What’s not to like about Top Ramen?  It’s kinda like your momma’s chicken noodle soup you loved as a kid.

Well, I was ready to load up my pack with Top Ramen until…..TODay!  

Since I hadn’t tested out my new JetBoil stove, I figured why not have a batch of Top Ramen for lunch today made on my friendly and efficient JetBoil stove that I will be using on my AT Thru Hike.  All it takes is heating up a little H20, add the noodles and packet of favoring and then EAT and ENJOY!

The JetBoil worked flawlessly…it heated my water is nothing flat (about 2 minutes) and I was ready to add the noodles to steep vs boil to save fuel.

Cookin' Top Ramen on the back patio.

Cookin’ Top Ramen on the back patio.

Sure enough, after about 4 minutes of the noodles sitting in hot water — YEAH, the JetBoil get’s the water HOT HOT HOT!  I scooped up a mouth full of tasty noodles.  I just had to keep my mouth away from the edge of the JetBoil pot, because it’s HOT HOT HOT!

Son-in-law watching unamused.

Son-in-law watching unamused.

After putting down the bag of noddles, I was feeling proud of myself for being able to cook up lunch with no issues.

HOWEVER….about 30 minutes later, I found myself dealing with an upset stomach and the noodles were NOT staying down.  It looks like TOP Ramen Noodles may be moving DOWN my list of Thru Hiking food.  I hope this was just a fluke…because I (used to) like Top Ramen Noodles and they’ll be a great choice for my hiking mainstay.


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Comments 2

  • Lisa : Aug 26th

    It could be the little msg packet. I love ramen noodles but never use the flavor pack.

  • TBR : Aug 26th

    One evening in New Hampshire, I made up some Ramen noodles. Wasn’t the first time, for sure.

    The Ramen pack had stuffed in it not one but two flavor packs, and a thru hiker earlier had bestowed upon me another flavor pack, so … a hiker’s Thanksgiving!

    Boiled up some water, dumped in the noodles, laid on the flavor and the flavor bonus 1 & 2. Smells great!

    But, oh, that was a lot of flavor and … something else.

    I hope, before this decade is out, to have finally sweated out all the MSG consumed in that meal.

    I have never had Ramen noodles since.


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