Traveling Between Provinces on the IAT

ECT Day 205&206

IAT Day 36&37

Day 205: 3 miles

This morning we got up around 6:30am and got packed up. The bus comes just after 7am and picks up right in front of our motel. Everyone was good to go a bit early so we sat outside to wait.

When we got on the bus we were the only ones on it. One other lady got on with us but that was all. We were able to stretch out and get comfortable. It was gonna be a while! I brought drinks and had a couple snacks. For a while I tried to journal but the drive made me so sleepy. I managed to write for a bit and then close my eyes. On and off for a while. After fighting sleep I eventually gave in. I was out for a bit and slept at such a weird angle.

When I woke up it was after 11am and I saw a sign on the road that I recognized. We were getting close to Campbellton! The bus stopped off at a hotel near the interprovincial bridge. We checked and this was our stop. From here we would have to walk the rest of the way to Campbellton.

Another map section completed on Far Out! All of Quebec.

Before we walked the rest of the way we decided to stop in for lunch at the hotel. I got a piece of lasagna which was really good. After we all ate we began the 3 mile walk from here to the hotel in Campbellton. We walked by the same stretch of dispensaries that we had walked by a couple weeks ago. Then crossed the interprovincial bridge into New Brunswick. We’re officially closing the book on Quebec! Those last 400 miles really flew by.

Crossing the interprovincial bridge back to New Brunswick.

Once we crossed the bridge we were at the hotel in no time. We stopped at the grocery store first to get some goodies for lunch. Then checked into the room to eat and hang out. All of us showered and got settled in the room. I wound up laying in bed for a while and writing. Later on in the evening I took a bath which felt really good. Then we wound up walking over to McDonald’s for dinner. Why is McDonald’s here so good? The poutine is somehow some of the best I’ve had in Quebec. That feels sacrilegious. We grabbed the McDonald’s to go and went back to the room to eat and watch TV. It was a really nice lazy night!

Tomorrow we plan to zero here in Campbellton because all of us have boxes coming in. We all had shoes delivered to the hotel but they haven’t arrived yet. Hopefully everything comes at some point tomorrow. We’ll have to wait for it all to arrive before we can continue on to Prince Edward Island.

Back in New Brunswick!

Day 206: zero day

This morning we all slept in at the room. Then got up and headed over to the continental breakfast. It’s so funny being back in the hotel here in Campbellton. This is where Trucker and I hung out for ages waiting on Sparkle to get into town. It was nice to take a week off for sure. Now we’re back and we are also taking a few days off while we travel between provinces and wait for our boxes.

After breakfast we hung out back at the room. I did some writing and organized my things a bit. Then Sparkle and I headed over to the jacuzzi around 10:30am. But the water in the jacuzzi is not that hot here for some reason. They keep it around 98 degrees which feels like bath water rather than a hot tub. We took what we could get though! While we soaked in the tub we warmed up the sauna to head in there after. The sauna felt fantastic.

Then we went back to the room to shower up. Everyone was ready to eat again once we got back. So we walked over to the grocery store to resupply on goodies for tonight. I got a sushi dish which was rice cakes with a crab blend on top. That’s something that I ate a lot when we were in town last and it’s super good. Then I also got some bread and butter, drinks, and other snacks. We came back to the room and all devoured so much food. The rice appetizer that I got was super good.

After I ate I did a lot of writing. It always feels good to get caught up. Today Trucker and Sparkles box arrived with their shoes and other goodies. My box was sent the same day but still hasn’t arrived sadly. So we had to renew the room in hopes that it comes tomorrow. The bus that we would have to take to Prince Edward Island only comes early on in the morning. That means even if my shoes come fairly early tomorrow we’ll still have to spend the night once more in Campbellton. My hope is the box comes before the end of the day tomorrow. That way we can head out the next morning and begin our commute to Prince Edward Island.

The rest of the night we lounged in the room eating a ton of food and watching TV. We left later on in the evening to grab a couple last goodies from the grocery store. I really wanted some ice cream! Then came back to relax for the rest of the night. I got a ton more writing done and then called it a night around 11pm. Tomorrow we’ll be taking yet another day off while we wait for my package to arrive.

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  • niKoLs : Sep 25th

    Been following your posts since N.H. It’s really nice following you along thru N.H, M.E, and Canada. I am from N.H, live in Maine near the White Mountains, and love to hike. I am familiar with Nova Scotia as my mother used to own land there. You have given me a new passion to section hike some of the IAT. I am astounding by your hiking mileage, your courage when you were hiking solo when you were separated from Sparkles and Trucker. You are such an inspiration, and thank you for the wonderful pictures and taking me (and others) along your journey! You rock!


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