Update from the Trail (Almost)

Let the countdown begin!

It has been a fair bit since I’ve given any update into what has happened in my life recently.  We are slowly gaining momentum as it pertains to beginning this hike. Soon, the dawn of this new adventure will be before me.  As it stands, glimmers of sunlight are breaking through the night sky, the Calendar Year Triple Crown begins in two months.

But as for now, all we can do is prepare for the trails that lie ahead.  In regard to the past two months, here are some major life updates that are worth noting.

Run, Run, Run

I’ve been working closely alongside another prominent hiker when it comes to training, someone who has graciously given me a training plan to help my legs be ready for some miles.  Running each day and developing a body better suited at avoiding injury has been the focus for the past few months. Ultimately, this training resulted in winning a local ultramarathon, The Ultrabird, that I had received an entry for two weeks prior.  As impressive as it was to accomplish this, I also fell victim to my own hubris and bit off a bit more than I could chew. I basically destroyed my body in an attempt to win this race. I struggled with injury for several weeks after this, and after what feels like an extensive rehab, we are on our way back to trail fitness.

Just some friends and me, as we decided to run for six hours on a fateful Saturday!

Save, Save, Save

Money is the poorest excuse to fail this project.  I’ve been cutting out frivolous expenses to the best of my ability to make sure this does not happen.  There have been countless folks who have graciously contributed as well in hopes that I succeed. That being said, the expectation has never been to rely on other’s contributions.  I am thankful for these gifts, no doubt. However, I will continue to use them wisely in an effort to do something remarkable.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning for one thru-hike is hard enough.  Planning for three within a single year is even harder.  No one relates to this more so than Flamingo, the other CYTC attempter next year.  We met up recently and talked planning as we bouldered and drank beer. Logistics are incredibly difficult when it comes to these things, especially when one trail depends on the two others before it.  Albeit Flamingo’s plans are slightly different than my own, we had a very good conversation in regards to our motivations behind this attempt. I have no doubt in my mind that he will complete this hike by this time next year.  In regard to anyone else planning on hiking the AT, PCT, and CDT all within next year, please reach out so we can support one another by any means necessary. No reason to be alone throughout this entire thing.

Just missing a body!

Random, Random, Random

 Of course, there’s some other stuff that I have been meaning to say but haven’t gotten around to.  I graduated from college. I’ve been mentally training myself to the extent to where seeking out uncomfortable situations has become a norm.  I’ve cut caffeine since I won’t be having any on the trail. I am sleeping outside a fair bit more in the colder December weather. Lastly, I’ve been talking about this adventure nonstop.  It’s hard not to look forward to this as an avenue to begin a new life. Nine months is a long time to be away, so I’ve been trying to do everything possible to cultivate a lifestyle mind-set when I think about the trail.

That’s it, folks.  The next post will presumably be from somewhere along the AT or shortly after it.  Best of luck to all the thru-hikers of 2020!

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