Virginia is as flat as Kim Kardashian’s butt

What a lazy hiker


It’s been awhile y’all!! Believe it or not though, there is not wifi in the wilderness and AT&T just started steppin’ up their game past Daleville, VA. But also, I’m a very lazy hiker when I’m not hiking. I told myself that I’d blog at least once a week on this hike but hiking got in the way of that. After resupply, shower, laundry & filling my belly, staring at a screen for an hour+ is the last thing I want to do and sleep quickly fills my eyes.

But yes, I’m still on the trail & I’m still loving it!

The Lovers state


Ahhh Virginia, how I have actually loved you, despite the MANY mountains you have! And as we all know, Kim Kardashians booty is so NOT flat! Whoever said Virginia is flat has not hiked through it and definitely should be forced to hike the Priest and 3 Ridges a dozen times as punishment for saying so. All through Georgia, North Carolina & Tennessee many thru-hikers are told “just get to Virginia where it’s flat”. Maybe it is if you’re talking about the 4 miles into Atkins. But not even the beautiful, amazing, wonderful Shenandoahs are flat.

While Virginia isn’t as rough as the section below it, it is still challenging. With it being the longest state on the trail many hikers get “The Virginia Blues” and can’t wait to get out, but not me! I’ve gotten to stay at so many amazing Hostels, eat my body weight in ice cream, and see amazing views. I’m also fairly certain a good chunk of the towns we’ve passed through have a higher population of cows than people, and I love it. I think as long as you have places or food to look forward to in this state you can avoid getting those Virginia Blues everyone talks about.


Only blues for me was the sky ? (McAfee Knob)

Spring has sprung!


“Bless you!” Probably the most frequent two words I’ve heard the last two  weeks. I can barely  a pop a claratin into my mouth before my nose goes haywire and sneezes a couple hundred times. But April showers bring May flowers, and boy are they blooming! It is so nice to look around at all of the colors rather than the usual brown and grey from the winter. Also, the green tunnel is starting to form!! Soon the trees will be protecting us from the blazing sun a bit more.


The 800 mile marker I made from some of the surrounding wildflowers ?

One Thousand


The most recent mile marker I’ve past is now 1000!! Tomorrow I will reach Harper’s Ferry, WV which is not technical the actual halfway marker anymore because of the trail being re-routed adding more miles, it’s the psychological halfway point for many hikers. Then Friday me and the tramily (trail family) will take a train into Washington, DC for a much needed zero day after back to back 20 mile days! A few of us- including me have never been before so I’m super duper excited to explore a bit! Fun fact: have also never been on a train, so also excited about that!


Amanda aka “Fjord” does trail sketches & put this cute tramily sketch of all of us at the 1000 marker! A couple are still a little bit behind, but they will catch up soon! Left to right: Long Haul, Carpenter, me, Tick Tock, Lost, Fjord, Reddmage, Quinn, Blueberry, & Downwind!

I’ll be back!

Time for lights out here, I promise to try and be a less-lazy hiker and have a more detailed post in the next week about my time in Virginia! Just thought I’d let y’all know I’m still here and share some photos. Check out my YouTube if you’d like. It’s a bit easier to throw together some pics and clips real quick rather than a few paragraphs ?

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Comments 6

  • Dhana Broser : Apr 20th

    Nice! But, Bethany, please don’t pick any more wild flowers. Remember, leave no trace, and that includes leaving the flowers intact for the enjoyment of others.

  • Tim, Su & San : Apr 20th

    Your awesome, I thought we only said super duper in S.D., we love following your hike, have a great time in DC !

    • Baatzy : Apr 23rd

      S.D. my old stomping grounds. What part are you from? Do any hiking out there or on long trails?

      • Tim, Su & San : May 9th

        Not to many people know the beauty and history of S.D. I just finished hiking the Mickelson trail in the beautiful Black Hills last week, I enjoyed the solitude very much, seen about a million white tail deer, Elk, wild turkey, a little cold and snowy this early in the spring, but good for the soul!! Will be going again next week with my wife and son to hang out in the Black Hills and climb Black Elk Peak, and explore some other trails. GOD BLESS!

  • Buffalo + Mumble : Apr 20th

    Awesome girl! Loving following your journey, but bummed as hell that we won’t be meeting y’all! Many happy trails for the next thousand!!


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