This Week’s Top Instagram Photos from the #AppalachianTrail

Ladies, gentlemen, and hiker trash- it has returned.  We are pleased to reintroduce one of our all time favorite series- the top Instagram posts from the Appalachian Trail.

Each week, we peruse all of the wonderful pictures from Instagram using the hashtag #TrektheAT and #AppalachianTrail and select a few of the best to highlight for your viewing pleasure!

This week we take a look at photos snapped between 09/20/17-10/03/17.

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This Week’s Top Photos from the Appalachian Trail

I just had the most glorious @chickfila sandwich on Wayah Bald… and I reckon the view ain't toooooo bad. #gNARz

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Little Calf Mountain, The Shennies ?? #trektheat #virginiaisforhikers #at2017 #appalachiantrail

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16 miles until we're out of New Hampshire and into Vermont! This thru hiking stuff has turned out to be not only the coolest part of my life yet, but also the hardest. There really is no way to comprehend how hard it is to be out here month after month until you're actually doing it… but I wouldn't change it for anything! #stayandwander #mthrworld #roamtheplanet #wildernessculture #wanderlust_mentality #theglobewanderer #BPMag #takemoreadventures #ourplanetdaily #discoverearth #artofvisuals #awesomeearth #earthofficial #earthoutdoors #theoutbound #briskoutdoors #campingcollective #thruhikesyndicate #werehikers #thetrek #TrektheAT #rei1440project #optoutside #backpackingaddicts #eastcoastcreatives #thruhike #atthruhike #appalachiantrail #appalachianmountains #nightscaper

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At the beginning of my hike I didn't even dream of doing knife's edge. Even the night before I wasn't too sure if I would do it. I was honestly terrified. Even though I was still unsure of my decision halfway through, It ended up being my favorite hike on the whole trip. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• "If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary." Jim Rohn ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Yes, I hiked on top of that ridge line? ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Lesson learned- who cares about comfort zones.

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We summited Mt. Madison at the same time as the storm. The storm was moving across the Presidential Range so hard and fast, only the windward side of our bodies actually got wet! We leaned into the wind as we hiked down, over balancing every time a boulder cut the wind. I almost fell a few times leaning into nothing. Overall, a perfect day on The Appalachian Trail.- – – Shot taken from Mt. Madison by @_nicolefrias_, my amazing hiking partner and fiance.- – – – – #shotaward #landscapelovers #aroundtheworldpix #wanderout #landscapephotography #worldcaptures  #ig_worldclub #tourtheplanet #wonderful_places #hiking #photographylovers #liveauthentic  #livefolk #exploremore #thegreatoutdoors  #bestvacations #hikertrash #earthexperience#earthpix #trektheat #appalachiantrail2017 #atthruhike #appalachiantrail #newhampshire #nh#whitemountains #newengland

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9.28.17 Hiked through Mahoosic Notch today! It's said to be the most difficult & fun mile of the AT. I can agree with the difficulty seeing as it took an hour and fifty minutes to finish the one mile but I wouldn't say it was the most fun mile. But that doesn't mean it wasn't fun! I only had to take my pack off twice. I was incredibly thankful to have Chips there with me because there were some points where you'd be standing on a house-sized boulder with a 15 foot drop in between you and the next boulder. He only helped me across once but knowing he was there to help just in case was what I needed to be able to do most of the rock hopping and scrambling by myself. Once we were done with the notch we started to climb Mahoosic arm. And when I say climb, I mean it. My arms were really sore by the end of it! Then a few hours later we finally got to Grafton notch where @themissjanet was waiting for us. She kidnapped us for the night & brought us out to dinner. Spending time with Miss Janet that night and the next day was exactly what I needed after such a hard day! I also got to see Auntie and Raggedy again which was awesome since I haven't seen them since Virginia!

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After summiting Mount Katahdin, Pickles, Split, Calories and I decided to do Knifes Edge, an optional trail that has a reputation of being extremely narrow and dangerous. A few minutes into the hike Pickles and I started saying that "it wasn't that bad, what was all the hype about?" Well, then we hiked farther and started seeing more of how this gorgeous trail scored its intimidating reputation. Parts were narrow along the rocky spine and other parts require legit rock climbing. I'm really glad Pickles and I stuck together through the 1.1 mile trail (the guys are so fast that we barely saw them!) because two heads are definitely better than one when trying to find the best foot holds to use as you scale down a Rocky Mountain side. All in all, it was a breath-taking, beautiful, challenging and fun way to end an incredible journey with incredible people!!! #knifesedge #katahdin #TheBananaSplitFanClub

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I love this photo. Up and up and up and up from the tablelands. Currently packed into a rental car w my beautiful trail fam on our way to Boston, our last night all together. These first few days off trail have been wild. More to come, but for now we're lovin' eating a lot of chowder, buying food other than Pop Tarts and Ramen at the grocery store, smelling like detergent instead of a bag of trash, & not having to walk 15 miles hungover. A little strange to drive a few hours and cover what took us 1+ month to walk, border signs drifting by on the highway. Still doesn't really feel real. Grinning this whole time. #atthruhike #atthruhike2017 #appalachiantrail #maine #katahdin #northbound #thruhikers #georgiatomaine #tablelands #tramily #trektheat

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