This Week’s Top Instagram Posts from the #AppalachianTrail

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the most spectacularly beautiful, hilariously entertaining, and all-around best photos taken on the Appalachian Trail this past week.

This week features photos taken from Oct. 23 to Oct. 30 and were found by perusing the hashtag #TrektheAT. A thorough point-based grading system is used to pluck out the very best for your viewing pleasure. Dog photos are always favored.

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This is what it feels like to set a goal and crush it! We set a goal this Spring to finish the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania by November 30th. (Section hiking) We did it more than a month ahead of schedule. The greatest part of this is that my mom, age 69, me, 47, and my 5 children, ages 8,10,13,15,15 did it together….every step….every mountain….every fall (there were many!) And if that wasn’t awesome enough, the wow factor increases 100% when you realize those kids have a slew of special needs that make this a veritable challenge on so many levels. But they did it!! Another state checked off only 11 more to go! #trektheat #appalachiantrail #sectionhikers #crushedit? #goalsmatter #madespeciallife #specialneedsdoesntstopthem#proudmomma #familywhohikestogetherstaystogether

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Hawksbill Mountain – Shenandoah’s highest peak at 4050’ . The coldest day on trail by far. There was a shelter close to the side trail that lead to the peak so we ditched our packs and put on every stitch of clothing we had. We walked a blissful weightless mile up to the highest point in the park. . It was the best sunset on trail so far. I could have watched the crows dive into the gusts of wind for hours. You could tell they were playing around with each other and doing it just for the fun of it. Virginia has won my heart. . . . #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrail2018 #thruhike #thruhike2018 #naturelover #womenwhohike #getoutside #trektheat #virginiaisforlovers #hikertrash #hawksbillmountain #shenandoahnationalpark #virginia #sunset

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There was something about these moments on trail, when light rays would stretch through the trees. It was like hitting pause – bringing my wandering mind into the present. It never lasted long, a fleeting moment, as the clouds traveled across the sky. When I was having a rough day, it gave me a sense of hope – “I’m gonna make it, I can do this!” . The trail was beautiful, but cynical at the same time. It would dump comical amounts of rain – throwing roots, rocks and mud at my feet. But then…it would do this ? It was like when a rollercoaster ends and you start to slow down, that feeling of relief…but you know the ride isn’t over, so you take the passing moment to breath ?

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Day 108 // 21.7 // 1426.6 Walked up a huge mountain today making the day’s elevation just over 6.5K vertical feet. ?? Feeling good hiking until we got to the ‘Guillotine’ rock which tried to crush us. Jokes on it – we made it alive! Beautiful weather for fall, I think it hit somewhere in the 60s with full sun ☀️ Hoping this continues and the predicted rain in the forecast doesn’t show up, but the predicted 40s overnight stay! ?? #at2018 #atclassof2018 #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrail2018 #aspiringthruhiker #thruhiker #thetrek #optoutside #adventurousals #forceofnature #backpacking #hikertrash #trektheat #mtnchicksdoitbetter #whyihike #likeamountaingirl #idhikethatcrew #keepnaturewild #withguthooks #guthookguides #atlasguides #wekeepyououtdoors #SOBO #everytrailconnects #bpmag #takemebackpacking #trailchat #Lifebeyond9to5

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Friends on the trail ? #deer #at #trektheat #hike #hiking #appalachiantrail #outdoors #nature #forest

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Loving the NY AT! #hikingwithdogs #trektheat #atsobo2018

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One month ago, I completed the Appalachian Trail. It still feels surreal to say that. I’ve been asked what I’m doing next. I’ve been asked if my life feels pointless now that I’ve done the one thing I wanted most. Here’s the thing, I don’t know what’s “next” because the present moment is all I want. And nothing feels pointless. If anything, my life and my heart feel so full. I did the trail for myself. I could only conquer it by myself. I fought daily with my mind and body, and only my own willpower could keep me going. So I feel strong. And I feel relaxed. Of course I want to have more adventures, but the AT was never just an “adventure” to me. It was everything to me. • • • #appalachiantrail #at2018 #atthruhike #trektheat #hiking #womenwhohike #getoutside #getoutdoors #myview #maine #katahdin #mountains #nature #travel #peace #journey

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2,190.9 Every. Last. Mile. For me, the toughest part of the trail was the first 100 miles. I had to fight for every single one. I was so proud when I was able to up my mileage from 8 to 13.5. And then more surprised when, in the Smokies, I decided one late afternoon to push five more miles. I realized maybe I could do it. I just hadn’t been pushing myself. That’s when I decided I wasn’t going to skip a single mile. That I was going to keep pushing and figure out where my true limits lie. I didn’t want to betray the hiker I was back in Georgia. I had to fight so hard to get my body to carry me that far. I felt every mile. I am no athlete. I was manager of the track team in middle school, and I quit the one and only *5K* I’ve ever entered in the middle of running it. (Seriously.) And now I’ve hiked through one of the oldest mountain ranges on the planet. With total elevation changes, I’ve hiked the equivalent of 16 Mt. Everests. I’ve completed one of the longest hiking-only trails in the world. Every bit of it. I figured out on the trail I’ve got a pretty strong mental game when I actually try. I’m still not the fastest, but, when most people fade out, I can keep going. I’m real, real proud of myself for that. Do something that scares you. Do something that will surprise even yourself. Do something that will make your past self so proud. Find out where your real limits are.

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I’ve been back to work for a week and all I can think is that I’d rather be hiking… ?: @trailology

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