This Week’s Top Instagram Posts from the #AppalachianTrail

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the most spectacularly beautiful, hilariously entertaining, and all-around best photos taken on the Appalachian Trail this past week.

This week featured photos taken from July 13 to Aug. 20, and were found by perusing the hashtag #TrektheAT. A thorough point-based grading system is used to pluck out the very best for your viewing pleasure. Dog photos are always favored.


Pancake cairn at Shaw’s, thank you Poet! #shawsofmaine, #trektheat, #appalachiantrail

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HIKER TRASH IN NYC ? . We hiked 10 miles into Greenwood Lake, NY to resupply. The rain picked up and we took shelter from the storm outside a bar. We were trying to find a place to stay but everything was booked. We asked the bartender if we could camp out back but I guess that’s “illegal” ?. We kicked back some beers (cause why not) and made a group decision to take the 10PM bus into NYC. Aussie (@samuel.stubbs) had never been! . It was too late to sort out a place to stay for the night so we booked an AirBnB for the following night. We decided to go to the “city that never sleeps” and just…not sleep – stay up all night until we could check in the following day. We got off the bus at Port Authority and made our way to Times Square. Full packs and all. I’d been to the city many times but never after 4 months of living in the woods. There were so many people – so many bright lights and fast cars. We weaved our smelly bodies and packs through the streets. Stopped into the McDonalds (because WHY NOT). It was probably 12AM and we headed to a bar down the street called “Jimmy’s Corner”. Where a lot of locals end up. It was a small, packed bar. The 6 of us plus our packs would not fit. So we set them outside and took turns rotating between having a drink and watching the packs. That happened for the next few hours until the bar closed at 4AM. People asked us questions and told us how crazy we were. A guy even gave us $10 for food, assuming we were homeless…which we were that night . We headed back to a different McDonalds (because OPEN 24/7). We all had our breakdowns from exhaustion throughout the night. Mine happened at McDonalds at 5AM when the ice cream machine was shut down…I almost cried I was so tired . Around 6AM we started sluggishly walking towards the AirBnB in East Harlem. We walked through Central Park as the sun was coming up. We sat down on some benches in the park for a innocent rest and completely fell asleep. Homeless in NYC for night and now sleeping in Central Park #hikertrash . .

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Day 39 // 11.5 // 386.1 I have the first real super pic of our group – The Sobo Rangers! I am the purple ranger and I have a magical cape that floes in the wind with no help from @amiethroughthelookingglass ? If you wanna hear the theme song you’ll have to catch us on the trail ? In other news… the sky cleared up ???? but there weren’t many view points in our miles for the rest of the day. Although QuickFix made up with it with a gnarly fall that made me use my @nolsedu wilderness first aid skills! Tomorrow is our last day in the Whites ??? #at2018 #atclassof2018 #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrail2018 #aspiringthruhiker #thruhiker #thetrek #rei1440project #optoutside #greatoutdoors #adventurousals #maine #forceofnature #backpacking #camping #backcountry #whiteblaze #hikertrash #trektheat #mtnchicksdoitbetter #whyihike

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