We’re Getting There..

What Is Left To Do??

I am being very patient… at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself.

There is still plenty to do. I have a bunch of things that are half way done/figured out, which are obviously all sorted and organized in their respective piles. More like one big pile covering a table, the ground around the table, ya know where people used to be able to sit and eat at. That’s besides the point though. Between the immense amount of preparation this walk takes, and my inability to finish what I start..it’s a lot! (and no one will be putting money on this guy to make it to Katahdin after a comment like that) I have been planning this trek for quite some time, but who goes home after class and starts right on that ginormous research paper the professor assigns that’s not due for four months?? Not I, let’s wait for month three and a half.

And that is where I am at. Since I have begun prepping ages ago, I am now THIRTY-SIX DAYS AWAY!

“My mind is going a mile an hour. -Michael Scott” -Christopher Keys





Okay, back to whatever this post is about, which I am still working on a topic..


I cannot even choose what to blog about how am I supposed to pick out what I am going to live with and carry for 6 months?? keep telling myself I am going to write a gear blog… ya the gear is feared. Anywhoooo, in all seriousness..

This weekend I took a Wilderness First Aid course with NOLS at my local REI. On my previous trips, I’ve found myself feeling ill-prepared and lacking confidence in the knowledge, or lack there of, in what to do if an accident were to occur. It is not like I don’t know anything, or how to act in the case of an emergency. Having played sports/dealt with injuries and in going through my own traumatic accident I’ve gained some insight, but it is much different when you are isolated out in the backcountry. It can be kind of worry-some when you are out in the middle of no where, like the wondrous mountains of Wyoming, among just p

ure beauty, no one else…this is the goal of the trip for my dad and I. Getting out and being on our own. Incredible scenery, solitude, views for days, all of that.

“The More You Know, The Less You Need”  –Yvon Chouinard

Anything can happen, so why not be prepared. This course helped do just that. Ya, here I go, one First Aid Certification and I’m gonna star in the next Grey’s episode or something?? Nahhh, obviously I am no Meredith Grey(yes I have watched Grey’s, thousand months in a neck brace, you watch everything Netflix has to offer) but yes, after taking this course I now feel confident in the skills I possess, as well as the ability and knowledge of what to do if an emergency was to come about. whew.

Why Wouldn’t I Make It?

To give myself some piece of mind I have come to terms with the fact that you really can only plan so much.. so much of this journey is going to be adapting along the way. I could spend my time figuring out where, what and when.. But after two weeks that plan could be out the window and then all the time I’ve spent planning logistically would be in shambles. So I have been asking myself what it is that will cause me to not make it to Maine. Once again, it could be absolutely anything. All the blogs out there and the surveys on what people would do differently or why they do not make it yada yada..

So I’ve just decided to focus on my fitness and saving money. These have been some of the reasons others have not finished in the past. And these are two things that I personally feel I have control over. I would be upset with myself if either one of those were the reason that I don’t make it to Maine, especially when I could have done more before(right meow) to prepare.

So ya, I am just trying to give myself the greatest opportunity/largest window to succeed. I am in no rush to finish this thing nor am I in any kind of race.

Well, March 26th could come a bit quicker..


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