What the HAIL????

I’ve been delayed! It’s nothing to do with not being ready for my AT Thru Hike, but LIFE Happens!

I was ready to take off for Georgia on Sunday, but about a week ago, we had some severe weather in our area. As an Van Dweller (RV Van), we found that we had suffered some damage to the home. While it didn’t look like much, I thought it best to contact my insurance agent to ensure it was reported.

After the hail storm hit and since we were in Nebraska at the time, my niece (theNeighbors when we park here) ensured we didn’t have an broken windows and that the van was still solid.  The initial evaluation was some hail damage, but it didn’t look too bad!

When we returned a few days later, I thought the same thing…some damage but nothing that we had to write home about. However, when the insurance adjuster showed up and wrote the estimate of damage it came in at a whopping $6500!

BAM…THAT was MORE than I expected!

I was a little disappointed with my insurance adjuster, Jermaine from Miami!  When he arrived, he parked

Learn to park Insurance Adjuster – the grass is NOT the right place!

in the driveway blocking my niece’s one car garage.  What was he thinking?  Hey fella, how about parking on the street?

Since my niece would be home soon, I asked him to move from the driveway and Jermaine with all of his customer focus, pulled on the grass!  What a Dumb Arse!

Again, what’s wrong with the street?  I guess he thinks since he’s there to “help me out” that common courtesy does NOT apply.  Well, I don’t know what they do in Miami, Florida, but parking on the yard is NOT what we do in the Midwest!  Think about this Jermaine…you might make Head Adjuster some day if you learn the basics of customer focus and think before you do something like this again.

So off I headed to the city (Kansas City since it’s the closest city with someone who can do work on a BIG Rig).   KC Custom Coach was recommended from our RV Service Center — TransWest Truck Trailer and RV.   After talking with Connie on the phone, I know she will be a joy to work with.  And JEFF…what a standup kind of guy.   He’s that “down home” kind of guy who cares about his customers.  Maybe I should hook him up with Jermaine?

KC Custom Coach did the evaluation of the RV and should have something worked up later this week.  Then it’s off to the insurance company since the method the adjuster wrote up for the work was not how the work needed to be done!  For example, Jermaine wanted the paint to stop up top and not be blended in.  He also had the idea that the solar needed to be removed…NOT needed and I’m good with that.  I’m glad these two will work out the details…ALL I care about is getting the VAN back in tip top shape.

Then Connie gave me the bad news.  It will take a full TWO weeks for the work to be completed.  Now I’m in a “holding pattern” until I get a green light for fixing the RV and for when KC Custom Coach can get it into the shop.  I’m hoping it’s QUICK, but they did mention that they needed to order a few parts.  And getting parts for our RV can take two weeks since the parts come from the Roadtrek factory in Kitchner, Canada.   US Customs is NOT customer friendly and we’ve experienced this in the past.

If the time gets pushed back for to long, I may head off to begin myHike and come back to deal with the RV fixes.  That would give me a nice little break early on to recover (in needed) and reevaluate my hiking.  This could end with a win-win situation, but it could also end with me calling it quits!  No Promises just yet, but I plan on completing this hike…no matter how many breaks I need to take — planned or unplanned!


I’m DELAYED until further notice.

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