Who am I

Who am I?? …That is the Question I seem to be asking myself lately.

When I think about this it always reminds me of the movie The Breakfast Club and all of a sudden not a damn thing comes to mind. Pie and Coffee keep coming to mind, but beyond that I got nothing. I never had the chance to go to College or runaway on some epic adventure or hang at the beach for Spring Break. I was just a girl who married very young (and still married after 30 years), became a mother, loving wife and best friend to my husband and now a grandma. I worked my way up at a property management company and after 14 years decided it was time for me to stop working; my girls are now grown 29 and 26.

It was late afternoon on July 22, 1966 when I arrived on this Big Blue Planet, kicking and screaming just like everyone else. Nothing special, just kind of arrived. No parade or balloons. Just me and a room full of folks I didn’t know. They sent me off with 2 people in the hopes I might get Pie and Coffee one day. And I did…YES!!

And now 49 years later I sit in front of my computer ready for a new chapter in my life. Next year is what I call MY BIG YEAR, a milestone really. I’m at the half way point in my life (hopefully). So, it is time for me to do something Amazing and be able to tell tall tales and epic stories of my Winnie the Pooh adventure on the AT (isn’t there a 100 acre woods or is it a hundred mile Wilderness?). My dream of hiking the trail has been a long time coming but became more of a reality over the last 2 years…I have been reading every book, trail blog, pamphlet on parks, Face Book page, and Gear Reviews and I have been watching numerous YouTube clips. When anyone asks if I have seen this or read that I would reply, “I’ll check it out now”.

On January 2 of this year I walked into an REI in Atlanta GA and picked up a backpack and a headlamp. I turned to my husband and said I have fifteen months to get all the equipment I need for my hike on the AT and we left with some hiking equipment. Did the bag fit? Was the capacity too big or too small? I didn’t know. I knew I needed to purchase a backpack and set my wheels in motion and reaffirm it was all moving forward. So, I went home, did more research on backpacks and returned to REI a month later. This time I was properly fitted for a much better Osprey Backpack… And so it began. Up went a Face Book page (Hikes A Latte) and I started to get myself in shape. I continued to gain support from family and friends along the way, God knows I’m going to need it. I am trying to build a better mental picture of what’s to come. I have said to myself dozens of times, “I can do this”. I have also said, “I can’t do this” about the same amount of times. It’s a love hate relationship at this moment.

So am I ready to hike? YES! With a side of ‘What the Hell was I thinking’?

Am I scared? Hell yes I am! If you’re not I would say you are lying to yourself

Am I ready to open up to a bunch of people about pooping in the woods? Of course I am! We all take dumps so let’s talk about how funny it can really be!

Will I make it? I don’t know but I’m sure going to give it my all. The first step will be the hardest as will the last.

Have I read Bill Bryson’s Book? Hasn’t everyone for Fu@ks sake.

Have I ever hiked before? When I was younger I hiked the rim of Crater Lake and the 3 Sisters wilderness area with my father. I only recall bits and pieces of those trips. When I was a teenager I hiked parts of Yosemite. I still own my first backpack my father bought me.

What will I not miss when you are away from home for months? Not having to clean the litter box.

My Name is Tracy and I’m 49 and getting ready to hit the big 50 in 2016

My friends call me Harley. I guess you can say I’m a nerd and a geek.

I am a fun loving animal crazy, cat hair wearing kind girl with a love of coffee and football and we can’t forget about Pie.

I have lived in Alabama for 25 years and love it and by the way Alabama may not be the Rockies but we sure aren’t flat. It really is Sweet Home Alabama!

So let’s do this thing!!

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  • Reboot2016 : Aug 26th

    I hope I’m not the first to tell you but your 50’s a but a blink of the eye…you’ll be 60 in no time. great time to take this adventure!

    • Tracy Cherf : Aug 26th

      Adventure of a lifetime for sure, But The Blink of an eye is me having to wear stronger glasses.. LOL

    • Tracy Cherf : Aug 26th

      Adventure of a Life time for sure, But the Blink of an eye is me needing stronger glasses.. LOL

  • Dave Michel : Aug 26th

    Look forward to seeing you on the trail next year. Tentative start date?

    • evelynjwriht : Aug 27th

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