Why Bodhi Wants to Hike the AT

Blogger’s note: It is sometimes said that a beloved pet can read his person’s mind. In this post, I will attempt the opposite and present to you all the reasons why our three-year-old Goldendoodle is excited about hiking the Appalachian Trail. Any errors are my own.

Hey, my name is Bodhi, sometimes called The Bod-ster, Bo-di-oh-di, Mr. Sniff, or Wigglebutt. Here are eight reasons why I want to hike the Appalachian Trail with my peoples.

Reason #1: The best smells ever!

Trails have all sorts of wonderful smells that I can’t resist putting my nose into. There are rabbit smells and deer smells and, OMG, is that another dog smell? Lots and lots of unfamiliar smells too! My nose is very happy.

Reason #2: Sticks, sticks, and more sticks.

There’s a stick. There’s another stick! Ohhh, there’s a great stick over there! So many sticks to carry and chew! How can I choose just one?

Reason #3: Primo treats!

When I step off the trail and do a nice “sit” to let people pass us, I get yummy treats. Peanut butter treats and tuna treats are my favorites. Sometimes I even get a piece of something called a ‘hot dog.’ That’s confusing. It doesn’t smell like any dog that I’ve ever met.

Reason #4: Swimming

Did you know that both poodles and golden retrievers are water dogs? That means my love for streams and creeks comes from both sides of my family tree! There’s nothing better on a hot hike than a swim break!

Reason #5: Scritches from hikers!

On every hike, there is always someone who asks if they can pat me. On some hikes, there are LOTS of someones. My human says that we’re a therapy dog team; I just know that I love scritches.

Reason #6: Favorite snacks.

Whenever we stop for a hiking break I get a special snack. Sometimes I even get two! Hmmmm, cheese!

Reason #7: Sleeping with my peoples.

At home, I sleep in my own bed. On the trail, I sleep with my peoples in a little canvas box. I even have my own sleeping pad and sleeping bag though sometimes I like to scootch up between my people. It’s like the three of us are a real dog pack!


Reason #8: When I wake up in the morning, I’m already outside and with my people! What could be better than that?

Blogger’s note: Hey, it’s me again. Bodhi has been training alongside us for the past year and just might be in better shape for this thru-hike than I am! We know about dog-free zones on the AT and have made plans for his care. Lastly, he was cleared by his vet after a thorough exam last week and we have several backup plans in the event that he has to leave the trail.

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