X-Files, Ziggy Stardust, and How I am Terrified to Hike the Continental Divide Trail


I got sick last week. It was a close call, but this isn’t the first time I’ve escaped death. Being sick is the absolute worst, but it is the best excuse to binge-watch on Netflix, so I went for it (season 3, X-Files, #noregrets). I love X-Files for two reasons: 1. Mulder is ALWAYS right. He’s always out there with his alien hypotheses and psychic ideas, but he’s always right on. And 2. Scully, the eternal skeptic, always has Mulder’s back. It doesn’t matter what crazy mystic mumbo jumbo happens, they always are there for each other.


Last night David Bowie passed away. The man making up the soundtrack of early college, my hiking days, and life in general. I recall my first Bowie album. I would listen to it for days and weeks on end in my car and in my room. I basically toted the CD with me everywhere I went (Bowie is still a mainstay on my music-listening apparatus, along with the Weezer- the blue album, Wu-Tang, Beyoncé, and Modest Mouse-the Moon and Antartica). The man was fierce. Ziggy Stardust, the alien rockstar, has returned to the stars. And they look a little bit different tonight. RIP Ziggy. 


The point is, I am terrified of the CDT. There, I said it. I am afraid of being too alone!  I have no Scully or Mulder at my side. I am afraid of snow and being cold. I am afraid of lightening. I am afraid of not being a good enough hiker. What if I get terribly lost? AND WHAT IF I GET ABDUCTED BY ALIENS (a real fear)? At least now I can put one of my fears aside because I wouldn’t mind hanging in space with Major Tom.




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  • George Turner : Jan 12th

    Read Thru Hiking Will Break Your Heart!

  • David : Jan 12th

    You CAN do it! in 1987 Stephen Pern did do it. It’s an interesting read, and gives a lot of insight into the trail, people, weather, planning etc. It’s a good read, and on Amazon for $4.99 I think. Check it out. Ranger Dave

    The Great Divide
    by Stephen Pern

  • Sandra Kennedy Moore : Jan 14th


    I will be a first-time, 62-year-old, Section Hiker on the AT, if my heart stays well enough, sometime in late April/Early May 2016. I AM TERRIFIED of being alone and SUPER-TERRIFIED (is that a word?), of the darkness. I am great during the daylight hours, but even here at home, the night-time brings out my worst fears. When my husband goes to SLC on his annual “Guys Only” ski trip in late February, I literally do not sleep. I usually check into a local hotel or stay with a friend. I live in Helena, MT year round. Please feel free to call on me at any time while hiking through Idaho and MT, WY.
    If you need to resupply or you find that you want someone around to hike a small portion with, please call. Be forewarned, I am not a great hiker…yet! You are also invited to come to our house, I will come and pick you up wherever you are, and stay a night or two or whatever, take hot showers, resupply your Bear Spray (most important while hiking through our beautiful state, as I am certain you already know), and have some “friends” take you out to dinner and take care of you.
    I KNOW that you CAN do this! You will be fine and, as I said, and if you need anything at all, please let me know. You can friend me on FB, if you do that, and I will give you my phone numbers, in case you do need to take a break.
    I love Utah and have found the very best Cardiology Team at the University of UT in SLC, after 50 years of searching and seeing Specialists in the Field of Cardiology. Nothing else they can really do for me at this point in time, other than the meds and the pacemaker, so I must work on completing my Bucket List and hiking some of the AT has been on the Top of that list for many years.
    Best of Luck
    Sandra (Kennedy on fb…married now but have never changed the page)


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