You Got This

Planning and Prepping and Overthinking – Oh My!

As I plan for my upcoming thru hike of the Appalachian Trail for 2022, a rush of emotions has been swirling around me in waves! It’s like being on an emotional rollercoaster!! I love rollercoasters, but man, this is intense.

Excitement, fear, disbelief, elation, worry, eagerness, uncertainty, thrill, self-doubt—these are just a few of the feelings that go on inside of my head as I’m thinking about my hike.

The positive thoughts are easy and fun…and they mostly happen during the day as I’m talking about and actually planning for the hike!  

The negative thoughts mostly hit in the middle of the night, waking me up with panicked feelings that make me question my sanity!  “Are you crazy?  What are you thinking?!!  Are you actually going to leave your comfy, cozy bed and sleep in the woods for six months?? Are you brave enough to trade the security of home with the ‘security’ of a tent among the foxes, and bobcats, and bears? Oh my!!”

Yes!  I am, in fact, crazy!

Apparently, there are quite a few of us “crazy” enough to want to walk from Georgia to Maine and sleep in the woods for about 6 months!  And that’s ok!  I definitely won’t be alone in this journey and probably am not the only one with the rollercoaster of emotions happening as the countdown to our start dates gets closer and closer!!  YAY!  YIKES!  WHAAT!!??  OK..I’m excited…I think!  I really am excited, but I am also struggling with the question, “Can I really do this!?”  

I Got This!

As the banner in the pic says, “You Got This!”  My daughter made this for me as a much needed reminder that I can do it!  Anyone else having self-doubt and need to see this?  So many thoughts swirling in my head…the good, the bad, the ugly!!   But THIS!!!  This is the thought I need!  This is the only one I need!  As I hiked this weekend with my hubby, I put this on my pack.  I don’t care if it adds weight.  I don’t even know how many ounces it is.  It doesn’t matter because if your emotions are weighing you down, it won’t matter how light your pack is.  This little banner makes my pack lighter because it lifts my mood and reminds me that I do indeed “GOT THIS!”

AT 2022– here I come!!


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Comments 6

  • pearwood : Dec 27th

    When do you start, Carla? This old guy is starting February 1, which is getting awfully close.

    • Carla : Dec 28th

      I start mid March. You’ll be way ahead of me. I was too afraid to start early because of the cold weather!! You’re from New York…you’re probably more used to it than I am!
      The double digits scare me! I can’t even imagine what it’ll feel like when its single digits!! Will we ever feel ready??

  • Connie Keen : Dec 28th

    Love your blog!!! Love the wisdom of “if your emotions weigh you down, it won’t matter how much light your backpack is”. How TRUE!!! Also, want you to know that I have some of the same anxiety but it comes from knowing I’ll be missing out on the great adventure even though I hope to join you at different points along the way!!! Love you!

    • Carla : Dec 28th

      I can’t wait for you to join me out there so we can huff and puff on the uphills together and be excited after we’ve conquered them!! :o)

  • Reindeer : Dec 28th

    “You Got This”
    Looking forward to following you on your journey. Good Luck

    • Carla : Dec 29th

      Thanks!! Can’t wait to be posting from the trail!! whooohooo!!!


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