Zero Day Hampton TN

4 June 2017

AT – 421.2 miles
Today’s – 0 miles
Time – 0 hrs
Speed – 0 mph

Down Day!  So hear I sit with my leg propped up and ice on it.  What a way to spend a day on the Appalachian Trail.

So what is going on with my leg?  Some of the swelling has diminished, but the original spot is still warm to the touch and swollen.

I’m gotten some initial diagnosis from friends (one’s a real PT) and it doesn’t look promising.  So I’ll spend the day lounging around the Braemar Castle.  I just wish we had a TV or something because the wifi is weak.

Right now, I’m considering a walk to church.  It’s about 0.8 miles towards town, but everything is in that direction including lunch if I don’t eat out of my hiker food bag.   And after “the healing I’m feeling”, church may be what I need!  A good dose of GOD can do the body good.

Church was nice and then I stopped by the Laurel Fork Resturant for lunch.  After that, it was back to Braemar Castle for more resting.

My foot wants togo outside and play!

It’s been a relaxing day and a few showers came through the area.  I was glad to be inside instead of getting wet hiking.  However, it was just quick 15 minute showers…the kind that I can live with.

I did get to touch base with some old friends.  They were going to make the hour trip to see me.  However, we made plans for getting together when (IF) I get to Damascus.  Tony and Brenda Powers are so kind.  They heard about my “leg issue” and offered to put me up at their house for a while…now that’s real Trail Magic!  I also was contacted by my good friend Bob Williams (the one who took me in at Hot Springs) who also asked about my needs!  Truly there is Good Will on the trail and I’m feeling loved.

I’ve been blessed with an outpouring of concern for my leg pain.  I’ve iced and rested the leg, but it feels like the swelling is causing the muscle to rub or be constricted from moving freely.  TheWife thinks I need more “rest” or maybe a Dr consult to ensure it’s not…anything bad like a stress fracture.

I know I need to rest more, but I want to make it to Damascus.  I’ve been looking at the mileage.   I could do 5-8 miles per day for the next 6-7 days and make it to Damascus.  But at what cost?  More pain and/or damage…I think not.

Tomorrow will be the decider!  If the pain is not better, I think a Dr consult may be best.  I’d just hate it if they tell me “you just need to rest it”.  But that news woud be better than a “you can’t hike anymore” kind of news.

Worse thing is…I was careful and didn’t go crazy up to this point.  I did have some big days and consecutive days, but it was going good.  I’d almost gotten my hiker legs in time for Virginia.  Now…it’s a setback!  With the already delayed start date…it looks like a FlipFlop will be in the cards.

The initial FlipFlop plan is…make it to Harper’s Ferry then shuttle to Katahdin and hike SOBO.  At least this way I’ll get to see some of my old hiking buddies as I pass them going the other direction.

First things first!  Get leg healed and ready for traveling.  What’s a few days of rest if it means success!

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  • Gipson : Jun 5th

    I hope that your leg gets better. I’ve been following you since the Gatlinburg lift. You got this!

    • Larry : Jun 5th

      Thanks. 🙂 leg feels better each rest day


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