Appalachian Trials Signed Copy

One question I receive on a frequent basis is, “Who are you and why are you dancing like that?”

Another question I receive with less regularity:

“How can I get a signed copy of Appalachian Trials?”

Well today – we have the answer (to the book, I can’t explain the dancing). If you’re interested in procuring a copy of Appalachian Trials for yourself or a loved one, and would like for the author to inscribe deeply personal secrets, poems, sketches of safari animals, the alternate ending to Weekend at Bernies, he will gladly do that.  The possibilities are finite, but still fairly expansive.  All for the price of $30*.  That’s two pizzas.  Or 1/1,700th of a Ford F150.  What would you do with .06% of a truck anyway?  Probably drive to Barnes and Noble to get a non-signed copy of Appalachian Trials. Unfortunately, that’s not enough truck to get to the book store.

Shipping is free, but only to the continental US.  Sorry oversea’ers.

*$30 – US Shipping Only

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