Bryana Manning

Hiya! My name is Bryana (trail name TBD). I am a 23 year old recent graduate and an aspiring wannabe thru-hiker. I will be taking my first step on this 2,189 mile journey of the Appalachian Trail heading NOBO in March 2018! I love the smell of rain, reading a good book, sour patch kids, misty mornings, and cows. You'll most likely catch me petting any dog I come across since I will be missing my own at home. Watch out Katahdin, I'm comin' for ya!


Why I’m Hiking Lists

Why I’m Hiking Lists

It is insisted that aspiring thru-hikers undergo a certain amount of mental exercises to help prepare themselves for the trail.  In order to brace

Mar 8, 2018 : Bryana Manning