Bryce Ingmire

Hello, internet neighbor! You may know me personally and have arrived at this blog hoping to keep up to date on my thru-hike or you happened upon my blog randomly because you 1) have an interest in the Appalachian Trail or 2) mistyped a google query and wound up clicking my link out of curiosity. Regardless, welcome! My wife, Lauren, and I are two relatively young (30’s) outdoor enthusiasts who, two years ago, decided to take on the Appalachian Trail. Since then, we’ve done everything within our means to make it a reality. Today, we’re doing it and you - you lucky dog - can follow along! So, thanks for stopping by to read and share in this experience with us. Whether you came knowing what you’d find or arrived at the site by accident, we’re excited to expose you to the wonders of the A.T.!