Hey All! My name is Caleb Mansfield and I will be thru-hiking the PCT in 2020. I am super excited to be heading on this adventure and can't wait to share my experience with everyone. A little bit about me; I'm a New Yorker who decided that he had enough of the seasons and headed out to San Francisco about 4 years ago. My biggest hike to date was a 13-day trek from Charmonix, France to Zermatt Switzerland via the Haute Route. So I am by no means at expert at thru-hiking, however, I hope my amazing sense of humor is enough to make up for that. I hope to bring a novices perspective to getting ready for a 5-month hike, as well as share with the readers what I wish I knew going into it. I'm supported by an amazing group of friends, family and the best girlfriend in the world, Jenna, who will all be meeting me on portions of the trail. I hope to share their perspective in my blogs as well, since the hardest part about doing something of this magnitude, is explaining it to the people you love. Hope to see you on the trail in 2020!


Do I Have a Shopping Problem?

Do I Have a Shopping Problem?

I hate shopping! I am 26 years old and my mom still buys my underwear. Every Christmas, I have three pairs of American Eagle boxers waiting for me in

Dec 12, 2019 : Caleb