Cari Pattison

I began thru-hiking north on the Appalachian Trail in March of 2019. With steep climbs and even steeper learning curves, the AT was everything I'd hoped for… until four months in, I broke my ankle in New Jersey.With a newly strengthened distal fibula, I’ve made my way back to the trail and pieced together 400 more miles over the past three years- a journey filled with rocks, roots, and rattlesnakes- plus new trail friends to help weather everything from tornadoes to trailer hostels.Inspired by little churches along the trail, I took a call in 2020 to pastor the Woodstock Reformed Church in the Catskill Mountains (NY).My hope is to complete the final stretch of NH and ME before I'm 50! (i.e., before July 2026), to officially finish my "M.Y.T.H." - or, Multi-Year Thru-Hike.Best of all, I’m now joined by my rescue pup Ollie, who shares my love for town treats, petite gear, and cozy shelters in the rain.