Carly Wright

I'm about to begin my 2017 Appalachian Trail solo thru-hike. Topics I can guarantee: overly enthusiastic wildlife encounters, laundry anxiety, mishaps during friendship forging, and at least one instance of walking in the wrong direction. And hopefully somewhere along the 2,190.3 miles, some trail-borne wisdom.Throughout this adventure, I'll have some fun combining my education (merchandising & textiles) and passion (fashion & nature) to share wear-test information about how my clothing performs on the trail.


Sometimes, You Have to Pack your Fears

Sometimes, You Have to Pack your Fears

You know that feeling when a phrase seems to catch in your inner voice? Stuck on internal repeat, just shy of making your tongue move, it becomes an involuntary mantra. Of all the tenets and terms of art I’ve come across preparing for this hike, “Don’t Pack Your Fears” reverberates the most.

Apr 12, 2017 : Carly Wright