Hello there, the name is Chelsea or Misfit in hikerworld! I am a 19 year old, recent high school graduate with a bit of a different plan than others. I am from the sunny ol' state of Florida, where all of our activities are outdoors. As a kid (although I still am one) there was no better place to play than outside, in the woods, at the beach, and it took until my sophomore year of high school to discover long distance hiking, but when I did... It became an obsession for me. I discovered the Appalachian Trail and just knew I had to conquer it. So with the help of a notebook, whiteblaze, and a cool podcast; I made it thru the last remaining years of high school without going crazy. Now here we are, roughly five months until I begin my thru hike and I couldn't be more excited! So with a lot of common knowledge and a "bit" of humor I'll share this next year with all of you!! Enjoy! Please :)