Hippie and Haywood

Lets start with the basics.... My name is Chris Lovell, trail name Hippie, and my pup is Haywood!! We have hiked the Appalachian trail twice Nobo, in 19'and 20'. Now we are hiking a yoyo thru hike in 2021, with a Sobo and a Flipflop! 4,386 miles! Then we are headed west to finish the triple crown. Shooting for a yoyo of all three trails. Promoting Leave No Trace!


Introduction and 2021 Plans

Introduction and 2021 Plans

      INTRO Let's start with the basics. My name is Chris Lovell (Hippie) and my pup is Haywood! We started hiking the Appalachian Trail back in

May 9, 2021 : Hippie and Haywood