NEVER HAVE I EVER: - Been backpacking - Written a blog - Had a nickname - Pooped in the woods - Not panicked in close proximity of a small wild animal (skunk, possum, bird, raccoon) THINGS I HAVE DONE - Lived in AR (7 years), CA (11 years), FL (6 years) - Earned my BA in Business Management - Announced my intentions to the world, via the Facebook - Sold everything that doesn't fit in my Hyundai Elantra - Accepted a job at Yosemite National Park for the next 6 months - Convinced my parents that this isn't completely insane *I think - 4 months of physical therapy to build muscle around my broken vertebrae - Purchased what some might consider "a lot of beef jerky" - Spent countless hours researching maildrops, water filtration, and the intrinsic greatness of merino wool