My name is Danielle, from Virginia, and I'll be 28 once I start my 2017 NOBO thru-hike in March. I've always been active and considered myself athletic, however, I have never even been on an overnight hiking trip. I have also only been camping maybe a grand total of 4 times, so I'd consider myself new at this whole hiking thing :) Blogging is something I have never done before either, so please be kind! I can't wait to share my experiences and journey with everyone! Take care!


Hurry Up March, Waiting Is Overrated

Hurry Up March, Waiting Is Overrated

I first decided to attempt a 2017 thru-hike of the AT in March of this year. I brought this idea to my best friend, Sarah, who at first thought I was

Aug 23, 2016 : Danielle