Hi everyone! I'm David and this April I am setting off on a NOBO thru hike of the AT. I am from beautiful Charlottesville Virginia, right in the backyard of Shenandoah National Park. When I am not outside seeking some adventure, I can be found working the friendly sky's as flight paramedic on a medical helicopter. Fun fact about me; my pancreas doesn't make insulin and we have a love/ hate relationship, however I have a great insulin pump and glucose monitor that pick up the slack. I am looking forward to sharing my thru hike adventure with y'all (hows that for a southern transplant). So come follow along as I walk through the woods and write about life on the trail, thru hiking with diabetes and occasionally reassuring my mother that I am alive and well.


“Wait,” They Say, “You’re Doing What?”

“Wait,” They Say, “You’re Doing What?”

The conversation usually goes something like this…“Hey, David! What have you been up to?”Me: “Oh, you know, just planning to go hike the

Nov 7, 2018 : David