Deb Beck

I'm a 50 year old photographer, writer, wife, mom and grandmother. I attempted a 2014 thru-hike but due to injury I sadly came off the trail 225 miles in. I am currently planning my return to the trail in February 2016 with the love of my life. We will start over at Springer and hopefully this year we won't have a foot of snow underfoot. In 2014 I wrote "On the eve of setting out to explore the life of a thru-hiker on the Appalachian Trail I’m ready to embrace that sense of freedom and adventure. I love the outdoors, sleeping in a tent, yet I despise wearing shoes and hate the cold. So beginning our hike in mid-February will be a testament to my determination to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail." Those thoughts have never been more true. There isn't a thing I would change going back out in 2016. A perfect day for for me is hiking, where I can let my mind wander and photograph the beauty surrounding me and finishing out the day chilling with fellow hikers, sharing our experiences.