Dee - OneSpeed

Hi, I'm Dee (aka. OneSpeed). My husband and I are blissfully retired from California State Parks, where we spent the bulk of our careers at the beach. We have, for all practical purposes, traded in our swim fins and surfboards for backpacks and trekking poles. Since successfully completing the PCT in 2014, the draw for thru-hiking has not waned. And frankly, it's about damn time for another thru-hike. Bear in mind that Mother Nature and Mr. Murphy (of "Murphy's Law") tend to accompany us regularly, so we're accustomed to a bit of misadventure...from time to time. Join us as we travel along this adventure smorgasbord, that is the CDT, as we live our motto: "You can Wonder all your want, or you can Wander and find out." You can follow or peruse our other adventures at