Deirdre D Rosenberg

Hi there! I am Deirdre- or as some of you know me, Nikon. I am a conservation photographer and writer specializing in alpine wildlife and mountain biomes. I live in an extremely rural part of the San Juan Mountains on a tiny homestead with my husband and our dog Bivy. I have extensive experience (roughly three decades) in the outdoors and have spent a ton of time on the CDT and CT which are both right out the door! I have also spent a lot of time on the SHT and NCT. In the coming year I'll be spending time on the AZT. And of course, the long trails right near home. I have been a professional outdoor gear tester/reviewer for almost a decade and I must say, I love gear. My favorite items to test and play with and try out are backpacks, jackets and anything photography related as I do backpack with my full wildlife setup. When I am not out adventuring, or typing away at the computer, I am likely planning adventures and thinking about how on earth I can work out a month long AZ trip! I love reading and in another life was a librarian. You can learn more about me and my work here: hhtp://