Deux Pas Vers L Autre

6,850 miles, 550+ days, 17 countries, more than 120 natural parks, 4 seasons and hundreds of encounters,... Deux Pas Vers L’Autre, means -Two Steps Towards others- Embark with us in this unique European Thru-hike!Marie: Before starting this adventure I was a human resources manager in a huge French company and I am also a Sociology graduate. Understanding and knowing people has always animated me, which is why I chose to make a career of it. Travel and hiking addict since teenage, 2PVA remains a challenge for meNil: My area of expertise is the visual world, telling stories with pictures. For nearly ten years, I have been working as a photographer and a video director @nil_hope . After a number of autonomous Thru-hikes and adventures, I felt the need to mix my work with my passion in something bigger, a project towards others.