Fast Eddie

I'm a 63 year old medically retired (limbic encephalitis) airline pilot. I've been married 35 years to a wonderful woman. We have two independent and thriving children. My hobbies have included reading, music, motorcycle touring, and competitive aerobatics in my small bi-plane. I don't compete anymore because of the LE. I got into long distance hiking on the Northern Route of the El Camino de Santiago, about 700 miles including side trips. Looking forward to the challenge of the AT and the characters I'll meet along the way. If you see a black hatted, white bearded old guy just staring into space, please aim him at the next white slash a give a little shove. Thanks. I am doing this as a pledged hike. If anyone is interested in contributing they can go to and sign up as a sponsor. The organizations I'm targeting are the Mayfield Education and Research Foundation and the Red Rock Community College(Tyler Hagaman Scholarship for Physicians Assistant students. Mayfield funds Neuroscientists who have promising ideas to help understand a wide variety of neurological disorders including limbic encephalitis. The Tyler Hagaman Scholarship is aimed at Physicians Assistant students to help them finish this great program. Tyler died during his last year in the program. It didn't take long to recognize in Tyler many of the characteristics that he shared with his peers and friends; a love of the outdoors and outdoor adventure, a playfulness that he was never shy to express, and a big and willing heart which, I think, is a generational continuation and gift from his parents. This scholarship is a fitting way to remember Tyler.