Ed Womack

Heyy, I'm Evan. Just a tad about myself, an Eagle Scout, withdrew from the University of Mississippi after just three semesters. I hope to return to Ole Miss to complete my degree in a still undecided field once I'm finished with this radically ambitious goal. Looking forward to writing my first blog, taking my first trail poop cause that means I will have actually made it to the trail, also looking forward to recording as much of the trail with the assistance of GoPro as possible! I prefer futball (soccer) over american football, born and raised in the 'Sip.


Will I EVER be Ready?

Will I EVER be Ready?

I hope I am ready, but I don't think I'll ever really know. I want to be like SpongeBob and know just how ready I am but there is always some doubt

Mar 3, 2015 : Ed Womack